Thunder Moon stuns over the weekend

Thunder Moon

The July full moon event left was a memorable one with users across the globe posting some stunning photographs they took on social media platforms. The July full moon, oftentimes referred to as the thunder moon, buck moon or hay moon, will be visible starting at 12:07 a.m. Sunday morning. The July full moon is also known as Guru Purnima, Mead Moon, and Ripe Corn Moon as well. This particular full moon rises slowly, with the clouds threatening to bring down curtains to witness the near full moon (99.9%).

For comparison sake, the February full moon is known as the full snow moon. It’s given that name because February tends to see the heaviest snow amounts in any given year. March has been dubbed the sap moon marking the time of the calendar year when maple trees are tapped for syrup production.

Native Americans had a major role in the naming of full moons. November’s full moon, or the beaver full moon was dubbed as such because it marked the time of year with Algonquin tribes set beaver traps to help keep people warm during the impending winter.

December is referred to as the full cold moon on account of the frigid temperatures tribes in what is today Canada and the United States endured at that point in the year. Next month we’ll be waiting for the full sturgeon moon on August 7th. This is in recognition to the time of year when Native Americans fished for sturgeon in parts of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes.

Check out some of the photos that we have managed to spot online:


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