The Magazine Industry


There are a lot of industries that are struggling to maintain a profit. With all of the changes in the economy today, one of the most difficult industries to make money in is the magazine industry. A lot of people today believe that the major magazines are going to have to change the way in which they operate in order to survive.

One of the biggest magazines in the world, Time, recently sold off a few of the magazine brands that they have in an effort to increase profits. This is a trend that is going on in the industry today. It remains to be seen whether other magazines will sell off their assets as well in an attempt to increase profits.

Social Media

One of the biggest issues with the overall industry is the fact that social media is the place where a lot of people get their news stories. It is hard for a magazine to compete when it only publishes once a week or once a month. By that time, the people have already moved on to the next news story.

Another major issues that magazines have is that they cost money to purchase. Social media is free to use, and young people today are just not spending a lot of money on news and media when they can get it for free. From the perceptive of the customer, it makes sense why they would not want to spend money to get old news. In order to stay in business, magazine companies are going to have to change the way in which they operate.

Next Steps for Change

There are a lot of areas that people can concentrate on in order to improve the magazine business. Over the years, the business model of this industry was going to get challenged. Few people were going to continue to spend a lot of money on magazines. However, few people ever thought that companies like Time would have issues getting readers.

It is up to the leaders of these companies to turn things around. Instead of trying to compete in the old way of doing business, they need to start looking for ways to improve sales and profits today in this industry. It remains to be seen whether the companies can make the changes that are needed to drive growth and innovation in the field in the coming years.


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