Tensions for Immigrants in Papua New Guinea


Late on Thursday, officials in Papua New Guinea said that they would forcefully eject hundreds of migrants and refugees that are demonstrating in a detention center. For starters, this demonstration is taking place at a detention center that is located in the Manus Island. The officials warned that they would take this measure if the immigrants don’t leave by their own accord. Most of these immigrants are men who have originated from Southeast Asia and the Middle East. They were deported to the camp by the Australian government through its offshore detention program. Some of these men say that they have been on the island for over three years. As for the United Nations, it said that Australia was to blame for the crisis which has generated to a humanitarian crisis. The UN further requested the Australian government to move these men to safety and end the offshore policy for asylum seekers. Through the United Nations Human Rights Committee, the UN panel criticized the Australian government for its claims that it’s not responsible for these men as they are not on their soil. The chairman of the panel Yuval Shany said that Canberra was responsible for the crisis and could end it. While speaking from the Geneva offices, the vice chairman further said that the fate of these individuals lies in the hands of Australian officials.

For the last few years, no asylum seeker approaching the nation by boat have been offered asylum. Instead, the Australian government has resulted to paying its neighbors such as Papua New Guinea for the trouble of settling these immigrants. According to people with firsthand information, the issue degenerated to the current situation when Papua New Guinea decided to move these men to another location. On the other hand, the men refused to corporate, and this caused the Papua New Guinea officials to deny them basic services such as water and electricity. The situation got worse when Australia withdrew its security staff. The immigrants, on the other hand, decided to barricade themselves in the camp and said that they would not leave. This has led to tensions between the migrants and the residents of the island. Late on Thursday, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Paul O’Neil said that he would order the use of force for these immigrants. Immigrants in the area say that some few fences have been removed. They say that they are frightened, but they don’t plan on leaving the camp.


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