Stream Energy Expanded Its Services Into Delaware, What This Means

Stream Energy Expands To Delaware Coast

Stream (formerly Stream Energy), a leading direct selling company and provider of connected life services, has officially launched their Energy Services in the state of Delaware. The announcement comes during a time of continued growth for the company: they recently relocated to a newly renovated space in Dallas’s Tollway Center Building to accommodate for the success they’ve seen in expanding their service offerings.

Delaware is just the latest expansion of Stream’s national network; the company has recently expanded their Energy Services into the Illinois market in September. Stream Energy Services are now offered in eight states nationwide, with a reach that includes Texas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, and Illinois, as well as Washington, D.C.

The Stream corporate team was naturally filled with enthusiasm over the long-awaited announcement. “After completing our licensing application process, we’re thrilled to officially add Delaware to our growing list of energy states,” said Larry Mondry, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stream. “This is a wonderful opportunity for even more consumers in the Northeast to get to know Stream and join our family.” Past comments by Mondry have underscored his commitment to the company’s development by pledging to grow Stream “by geography, by product, by customer count, and by Associate count.”


The Companies Focus and Future

Chief Operating Officer, Dan O’Malley, also touched on the company’s focus toward growth for Stream Energy Services. “This is our second energy expansion this year, and the momentum is exciting,” said O’Malley. “We’re ending 2017 on a high note and looking forward to the growth 2018 is sure to bring as Stream continues to expand into new markets.”

Founded in 2005, Stream’s roots reach back to Texas’s then newly-deregulated energy market of the early 2000s. Since that start, the Stream Energy division has grown precipitously, with the company generating more than $8 billion in revenue in 12 years (RenewableEnergyWorld). This foundation in Texas’s open market leaves Stream well placed to bring their track record of success to Delaware’s energy economy. At launch, Delaware consumers will have two Stream Energy plans from which to choose; a six-month fixed-rate plan at 2% below the incumbent or a 12-month fixed-rate energy plan at competitive market pricing.

In addition to Stream Energy Services, the company also offers a variety of life services already available nationwide. These offerings are intended to work cohesively with their customers’ on-the-go lifestyles and include Wireless, Protective, and Home Services.

Stream’s success in offering a wide variety of services is not only rooted in the company’s vision and leadership but also its extensive direct selling network. Consistently recognized as a top direct selling company, Stream was recently named to the Direct Selling Association top twenty list in North America. With its Delaware direct selling network already firmly established to offer a variety of life services, Stream Energy Services in the state will have a strong foundation from which to build following this announcement.


Delaware as a Key Factor

Growth of Delaware’s direct selling network itself is also expected with the increased offerings that Stream Energy Services bring. With a population size just under a million and population density that ranks sixth highest in the country, Stream’s network is primed for a potential rapid expansion in The First State. This is all on top of a Stream nationwide network of Associates that is already making history for growth, having recently enrolled 30,000 new Associates in just five days.

The expansion of Stream Energy Services into Delaware also sees a boost from the reputation of excellence Stream has built in its offerings throughout the nation. Repeatedly recognized over the years for a variety of awards, the company is known for its customer-centric approach to business. Examples of this reputation include the Energy Marketing Conference’s “Most Innovative Marketer of the Year Award” in 2016, as well as Market Strategies International’s recent recognition of Stream Energy as one of the top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers in Texas.

Stream also has a history of supporting the areas in which they operate, being known for their charitable works and community outreach throughout the years. Examples include their partnership with Captain Hope’s Kids as well as their Cell Phones for Soldiers campaign. Stream also recently pledged $25,000 in contributions to the Red Cross in support of hurricane relief efforts. They’ve also worked to support consumers hit by both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma by waiving late fees for 127,000 customers and waiving international long-distance fees for calls placed from the U.S. to countries impacted by the storms.


American Coast Feels The Effects

As coastal states continue to be some of the hardest hit by the devastating effects of climate change, Stream’s commitment to clean energy is another way the company’s culture of corporate responsibility is bound to bolster their reputation in Delaware. Past Stream Energy plans in other states have offered a variety of green options to consumers, including Stream’s Smart 30 WaterSaver Green & Clean Plan. The Smart 30 plan, which was created from a desire to make the planet a cleaner and safer place for generations to come, allows customers the option to purchase clean energy in place of fossil fuels that may contribute to global warming. The plan also places a strong emphasis on water conservation by including an intelligent sprinkler controller to help regulate consumers’ water usage.

With their recent move into Delaware, the reach of Stream Energy Services continues to expand. As the fast-growing company works to further its growth in a variety of areas, consumers across the nation will continue to benefit from the increased access to choice and quality offerings that Stream brings with it. With a reputation for excellence, corporate responsibility, and competitive pricing in the many regions they serve, Stream is building on an already impressive nationwide presence. Delaware is just the latest state to benefit from the company’s focus on bringing their services to as many people in the U.S. as possible, and the move will further support both direct sellers and consumers throughout The First State.

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