Steaming Block


The T that have happened because of video games have been innovative and amazing. One of the most notable gaming platforms in recent years has been the Steam client for computers, which allows players to have access to an enormous library of games to choose from. With such ease of access and frequent sales, the gaming client is tough to beat. However, according to Gamasutra, the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission has blocked the entire country’s access to Steam on account of the release of the game Fight of Gods, which the MCMC says violates Malaysian law.

The game itself involves a cast of mythological and religious figures fighting against one another in a traditional two-dimensional fighting game. The MCMC says that because of this, the game poses a threat to the “solidarity, harmony, and wellbeing of the multiracial and multireligious people” in Malaysia. As a result, the game is a violation of the Communications and Multimedia Act of 1998, which explicitly prohibits the creation or distribution of material within Malaysia that could be considered offensive.

When the game was first announced, the MCMC communicated with Steam about this issue and issued a 24 hour period in which the platform had to remove access to the game in Malaysia. However, there was no response from Valve on the matter, so the commission issued an order to all internet service providers to block Malaysia’s access to Steam and any other websites that distributed the game. PQube, the publisher of Fight of Gods, says that they were never directly contacted by the MCMC or Malaysian officials in regards to the game. The company is currently attempting to get in touch with Steam in order to resolve this issue. Regardless of outcome, this is a clear reminder of the issues that can arise when releasing a game internationally.


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