The State of Georgia to Build Two Nuclear Plants


Nations like France, Germany and Japan are reducing their reliance on nuclear energy. They have resulted in closing their nuclear reactors and suspending plans to build future nuclear plants. However, this is not the case in the United States as the country continues to rely on nuclear energy. The country through the department of energy announced that plans to build two reactors in Georgia would go as planned. This came after the company given the responsibility of building the reactors requested the state of Georgia to approve the project. The reactors will be built at Alvin W. Vogtle generating plant that is located in Augusta. At the moment, there are two nuclear plants in this region. These units were built in the 1980s and serve as a major source of electricity in the state of Georgia. Georgia in partnerships with other three companies said that the two plants are expected to cost around $19 billion. These plants are expected to be complete in 2021 and 2022. This comes months after South Carolina abandoned plans to construct similar reactors in the state. These reactors had the AP1000s design. The state of South Carolina said that the abandoning was caused by cost overruns and delays. With local bills shooting over the roof, the state was left with no option rather than to shut them down.

This leaves the State of Georgia as the number one producer of nuclear energy in America. A country like China, on the other hand, has embarked on a mission of building 20 reactors in the next decade. Close sources say that four of these reactors are AP1000s. Economic experts say that despite the reliance on nuclear energy, the US is concentrating on less risky plants especially financially. This has resulted in the growth of solar power, wind and natural gas power in the United States. Former secretary of energy Earnest J. Moniz said that the decline in the nuclear industry is a disaster for climate change in the US. Nuclear plants are effective in fighting climate change as they don’t emit carbon dioxide. The secretary who used to serve in the Obama administration also said that China and Russia cannot be entrusted to make nonproliferation standards. At the moment, Georgia insists that they will succeed in a field that South Carolina failed. Chief executive officer of Georgia Power Paul Bowers said that they were capable of doing a better job as they have experience compared to their predecessors.


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