Starbucks Criticized for its Holiday Cups


Thanksgiving is here upon us once again. This gives the conservatives a chance to criticize whatever they see as liberal. This is why they have settled for Starbucks cups for what they call liberal nefariousness. For the last 20 years, Starbucks has been on the forefront of producing holiday cups and this time is no different. What we can all agree on is that some designs have passed without commotion. However, there are those that have managed to agitate the conservatives. The conservatives have cried foul in that the designs have failed in respecting some Christian values. As for this year cups, these are the ones that conservatives can’t stomach. The cups have been designed to feature the Christmas tradition meaning that there is a decorated Christmas tree on the cups. At the same time, the cups were revealed through an online video. The video reminded Americans that holidays are viewed differently by Americans. The conservatives have rushed out at this line saying that Starbucks is on a mission to support homosexuality with the cups. The video was introduced on 1st November and includes a number of Starbucks customers. The customers that managed to raise the issue are two women holding hands. They have been portrayed using cartoons.

However, it’s impossible to tell the nature of their relationship by watching the video. Nevertheless, there are some viewers who suggest that the women nod towards other women raising the topic of homosexuality. At the same time, Starbucks managed to do away with the negative criticism that it has gotten used to in the past holidays. The issue of homosexuality only came to light when an article was published by BuzzFeed last week. BuzzFeed said that it was difficult for a straight customer to get the message. However, the article further said that the message was very clear for the homosexuals. Once Fox News learned about the story, it started reporting about it. The Blaze is another conservative site that didn’t let the story pass unnoticed. The site wrote that Starbucks had engaged in a gay campaign agenda. When Starbucks was reached for a comment by the Fox News about the issue, it refused to confirm or deny the issues at hand. This prompted the Fox News to make the conclusion that Starbucks was sending a message about the issue. The company responded to an email sent by the Times saying that it was up to the customers to decide what they understood about the cup.


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