SpaceX set to launch ‘recycled’ rocket


As of now, the space technology has a lot of drawbacks in terms of finances. One of the biggest problems with rockets is that they are not recycled. SpaceX, company owned by Elon Musk wants to change this scenario and reduce the cost of space programs substantially. The window for the upcoming launch will open on 30th March 18:27 EDT. If successful, this launch will change the whole perspective of the space programs in future.

The payload includes the satellite passenger owned by Luxembourg operator SES. The satellites that are going to be placed in the orbit will be used to deliver a wide range of TV and telecom services to Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

The first stage of the Falcon, also known as the lower segment will be ‘second hand’. The remaining portion of the rocket that is upper-stage and clamshell fairing are all new. The first-stage was first used around 11 months ago to send cargo to the space station. After completing its mission, the booster found its way back to earth to a floating platform in Atlantic. SpaceX did a number of tests to ensure that it is safe for reuse.

The rocket was first scheduled to launch in October 2016 but it was delayed due to launch pad explosion of another SpaceX rocket after which the company grounded the entire mission to ensure future safety. When it comes to technology, the companies are not concentrating on the finances but the main concern is the availability of the vehicles that can carry satellites. If the companies find a way to reuse the rocket boosters, this will make it possible for the companies to get the vehicles ready for the launch at much faster rate. In the end, it will depend entirely on the engineers at SpaceX and other companies that are dealing in similar facilities.

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