“Snyder Cut” Exists, Storyboard Artist Claims


According to one storyboard artist for Justice League, a Snyder Cut does exist, despite many other people involved arguing to the contrary.

Jay Olivia, who worked on all of Zack Snyder’s films for the DC Extended Universe, made these comments on Twitter recently.

“Zack isn’t the kind of director who creates the film in the edit bay,” he wrote. “It’s all planned out meticulously from beginning to end. That’s how MoS and BvS was [sic] done.”

He added that while the scenes that he wanted to shoot were “99% done,” they did not have all the special effects and CGI needed for a finished product. However, he maintains that “Zack’s vision was all shot except for a few reshoots planned.”

Justice League was the third movie that Snyder directed for the DCEU, and forms a rough trilogy with his divisive Man of Steel and his generally disliked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After the poor critical and financial performance of the latter, there was a lot of pressure to get this last film done right, especially since it was the big “team up” movie meant to put the franchise on the map.

Due to the death of his daughter, Snyder chose to leave the project before reshoots could be done; Joss Whedon, who had had success in the rival Marvel Cinematic Universe, replaced him as the de facto but uncredited director. It seems that he was already hired by the studio to rewrite the script before Snyder’s departure, and when he took over large portions of the film were reshot, attempting to make something more palatable to a larger number of viewers.

The result was an “okay” movie that had some tonal problems due to Snyder and Whedon’s very different styles, and which did poorly at the box office. Fans of Snyder’s feel that Whedon ruined the movie, and if nothing else, he clearly did deviate from Snyder’s vision. These fans have been calling for a “Snyder Cut” to reveal what the director’s original intention was for the characters in the last part of his story arc.

Many involved in the industry say that Snyder left too early to have made a full cut. Is Olivia correct that he did? For now we will have to wait and see if we get any other sort of official confirmation.


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