The Shocking revelations of the Trump-Russia Inquiry


Just nine days before the US presidential election in 2016, a bad feeling suddenly engulfed Christopher Steele about the particulars of what was going on at the FBI. Steele was a former spy for the British government and had now decided to become a private investigator. At this juncture, Steele made decisions to take his concerns about the presidential campaign of the then-Republican nominee, Donald Trump and the allegations of its special relationship with Moscow to senior officials in the US law enforcement community.
Steele was driven by his sheer will to protect the Republican nominee who was a then possible tenant of the White House and a sense of duty. The findings of the interviews and research conducted by Mr. Steel would corroborate with the reports that the US law enforcement and intelligence community were gathering. An interview that was conducted this week with one of the members of Congress had revealed new and extensive details of what transpired in the final days of the presidential campaign before president Trump was elected to office.

The interview revealed details of the cloak-and-dagger dance that was happening between US intelligence community, law enforcement, and Mr. Steele. The Simpson’s transcripts that were released by a top lawmaker from the Democratic Party, Dianne Feinstein, who also serves on the Judicial committee in the US Senate, raises more questions than answers. The transcript inquire about what the FBI knew about the relationship between Kremlin and Donald Trump, when they knew it and why the federal agency kept mum about it.

The interview also raises concerns about calls that were made by members of the Republican Party to Steele and what kind of special relationship he had with reporters. For instance, one of the chief political allies to President Donald Trump who also happens to be the chairperson of the Senate Judicial committee, Chuck Grassley, called Mr. Steele numerous times inquiring to know the motives of his private investigation. It is now clear in deep in the public domain that the investigation carried out by the former British spy were not the only ones that sounded an alarm to the trump residential campaign team about their special relationship with Kremlin.

A diplomat from Australia had informed his counterparts in the United States that a young aide on foreign policy was bragging about how they had managed to obtain vital information from Hillary Clinton’s campaign team months before Mr. Steele made any contact with American authorities.


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