Shelters Filled With Homeless People Due To Freezing Temperatures


Temperatures in Decatur, GA are expected to stay below freezing until Sunday, January 7, 2018. As a result of this, the homeless shelters in the area are quickly filling up. Johnny Jackson works at the Salvation Army. He stated that the company aims to keep homeless people warm.

Johnny stated that the shelter can house up to 50 people at one time. People will be able to stay at the shelter for free up to five days. If they want to stay over five days, then they will have to pay $14 per night. Johnny stated that the shelter will be busy all January.

There are currently three beds available at the shelter. There are two beds available for a male, and one bed is available for a female. Matt Richards is the Outreach Executive Director of Tennessee Valley. He stated that the reasons shelters are filling up is because it is extremely cold. People do not want to sleep outside or in their cars.

Matt stated that they are making every effort to not turn people away. If there is not any room available, then they will be referred to another facility. First Baptist Church of Decatur has set up a warming station at the fairgrounds. Steve Gerner is a member of the church. He stated that the church housed and fed five people on Sunday.

Chelly Amin is a meteorologist. She stated that Thursday will likely be the coldest day of the week. The temperature could rise to 50 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday. She also stated that burst pipes could be an issue when the temperature starts to warm up. She urges people to let their faucets drip.

Chelly also stated that people who have pets need to make sure that they have adequate shelter. If you are not going to keep them in the house, then you should keep them in a garage with blankets. You should also make sure that they have access to unfrozen water.


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