A Second Person Succumbs to Necrotizing Fasciitis in Texas


Health officials in the state of Texas have confirmed the death of a 31-year-old man who is said to have helped repair houses in the area following Hurricane Harvey. The health officials confirmed that the man succumbed to a rare infectious condition that he might have contracted during the repair process. The officials in the state have described the condition to be caused by a flesh-eating bacteria. The man is from Galveston, Texas. His medical history confirms that he reported to the hospital on 10th October. This came after his left upper arm was infected by a serious wound. This information was brought to light through a statement that was released by Galveston County Health District. While the man died on 16th October, doctors in the state told him that he was suffering from a condition known as necrotizing fasciitis. For starters, this is a disease caused by a bacterial infection that works by killing the soft tissue of the victim. His relatives agreed to speak to local media outlets. They said that the man was referred to as Josue Zurita. According to Brenda Avalos, who was her cousin, she told KHOU that the deceased was a very caring person. She further said that he had an infectious smile and was full of life. Also, Ms. Avalos said that he had a lot of friends in the area and everyone was sad at the moment.

Since Hurricane Harvey swept across major part of Texas, this is the second person to succumb to this condition. The condition managed to thrive due to the extensive floodwaters that hit the area across Texas, alarming health officials. Galveston County Local Health Authority disease specialist Dr. Philip Keiser mentioned that the victim might have contracted the disease from Hurricane Harvey debris. The doctor further said that this could have happened from coming into contact with flood water through an open cut or wound. Over 75 people are said to have died following the late August hurricane. The first victim to succumb to the necrotizing fasciitis was 77-years-old Nancy Reed. This happened in Houston Kingwood community after she fell in her house. Medical officials in the state confirmed that the bacteria entered into her body through the open cuts after the fall. This was also confirmed by the Texas Department of State Health Services spokesman Chris Van Deusen. He confirmed that two deaths had been caused by the rare infection.


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