School Shooting Unfolds


News reports started reaching social media sites and major sources shortly after three in the afternoon on February 14, 2018. A high school in Florida was trying to get as many people out of the buildings as soon as possible because of an active shooter. The shooting took place in Broward County. While the school is one of the largest in the area, the students are close to each other. Students could be seen on live news feeds filing out of the school with their hands over their heads. Parents were asked to get their children from the school once the all-clear was given.

Once the buildings were secure, the numbers of injuries and deaths started to come into media outlets. The shooter, a former 19-year-old student, had killed 17 people and injured over a dozen others. Some of the ones who were injured in the shooting clung to life over the course of the evening hours. The student was apprehended shortly after the students were ushered from the school. He tried to blend in with the students and fled once he was off campus. Officers took him into custody without incident.

As officers started investigating the student, they discovered that school officials had been warned about his mental condition and his potentially violent past. Officers found a gas mask and smoke grenades that the student had with him and believe that he wanted to create a scene of chaos in order to injure or kill as many people as possible. A fire alarm was pulled just before school was dismissed, which led to students filing out of their classrooms right before the shooting started. Fortunately, SWAT officers were able to quickly get the situation under control before more lives were lost by a teenager who had only recently posted on social media pages that he was looking for a way to obtain a gun.


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