Scheme Nets Man Thousands From Walmart


When someone makes a purchase and the item doesn’t work like it should or the person simply doesn’t need it after getting it home, then the person usually takes the product back to the store to get a refund. A man in Arizona took returning products to Walmart and getting money back for them a bit too far. Officers in the state started an investigation after receiving claims that a young man had been returning merchandise to the store and getting money. Officers thought that they would be working on an ordinary theft case but soon discovered that it involved much more than taking things from the store and getting money in exchange for them.

The 23-year-old was arrested after officers discovered that he had been taking items to Walmart stores across the country to get money for them. He would claim that he was returning the products after purchasing them but did not have a receipt for the items. In another situation, the young man removed parts of a computer and took the computer back to the store to get money for the product and had the receipt. However, the internal components of the computer were missing and likely sold before the computer was taken back to Walmart.

Thomas Frudaker was arrested soon after police officers completed their investigation and discovered what he was doing before he could take products back to other Walmart stores located in Arizona or other states. In just 18 months, the man swindled numerous Walmarts out of about $1.3 million. Officers have charged the man with six felonies. Two of those charges relate to fraudulent theft. He is in jail waiting on a court hearing to determine if his bond of $40,000 will be reduced and to officially hear the charges delivered by a judge.


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