Save More and Keep More with Business Travel


If you are planning a vacation, it might be possible that you are planning it differently than you do when going on a business trip. Research has shown that people scrutinize hotels and review them before settling on one. This way, people are looking to more than prices. Instead, people are looking for the amenities that are being offered by the hotel. This is completely different for a business trip. Other than the hotel that offers the lowest rates, people often go for those that have rewards for the people who visit the hotel regularly. After all, it’s the company’s money, and you’ll have to spend the money or return it. These comparisons teach us one thing. Not only are leisure travelers cost conscious but they are also selective compared to people travelling for business. However, there are startup companies in the US that are focused on offering corporate travels services and putting into consideration user behaviors. However, these startups want to do away with these distinctions between leisure travelers and business travelers. Some of these companies include Upside, TripActions, and Rocketrip. They believe that it is possible to reward business travelers so that they can save their companies some money. This will ensure that most of these travelers act accordingly.

On its part, Upside began its operations in January 2017. At the moment, it has managed to acquire 10,000 companies as clients. This is according to the founder of the company Jay Walker. Most of these companies are in the US, and they are using their services to book their employees travel. On the other hand, TripActions has been around for some while. Although the company refuses to reveal the details of the customers, they have managed to attract big names in the market such as eHarmony and Survey Monkey. This is according to Ariel Cohen who is the chief executive officer of the company and the founder. Rocketrip has a large market share in the US economy. For instance, close to half of the fortune 100 companies use their services to book employee travels. These companies include Twitter and General Electric. These companies use incentives to make employees save when travelling. For instance, a company like Rocketrip allows employees to take 50 percent of the money they get to save. At the same time, these companies also work by giving gift cards to the employees. These cards could be used on Best


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