San Jose Residents Shaken By Two Earthquakes


California is known for earthquakes. People who live and visit the state know what to expect. However, it seems as though nature is getting a bit out of hand with the recent wildfires and two earthquakes that rocked San Jose in the late hours Tuesday night. One earthquake was a 3.9. This earthquake was preceded by another in the Santa Clara area. Many people in the Bay area, as well as San Francisco and other cities, felt the quake.

The earthquakes occurred on the Calaveras Fault. This is a fault that is rather active in the area but not quite as active as the San Andreas fault. The first quake registered as a 3.1. While these quakes don’t seem like they would be significant, they were shallow, which means that they could be felt for longer distances. Fortunately, there have been no injuries reported and only minimal damage.

People started posting on social media to find out if anyone else felt the shaking. Several people stated that they felt the shaking from the earthquakes for only a few seconds. Homes and businesses trembled, reminding people of what they can expect from time to time in California. The Mayor of San Jose posted that residents should stay in their homes and report any injuries or damage that is seen. He also suggested that residents gather a kit so that they are prepared for any further earthquakes that might occur. Tips have been released by FEMA to prepare residents for a larger earthquake if one should take place. With smaller quakes that come in succession, there is usually the possibility of a larger one occurring soon after. Most of the people in the San Jose area are on alert for other tremors and are ready if one should occur in the coming days.


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