Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S8+: which smartphone should we buy?


After the launch of Samsung galaxy s8 plus, people are really much confused because they are unable to decide whether to choose the s8 or the s8 plus. So today I am going to tell you about the major difference or the similarities between the two model s8 and s8+. So lets get started.

First of all, the major difference between the two is the s8 is having a 5.8-inch display size where the s8+ is having a 6.2-inch display and even the display resolutions and clarity are same, so according to me you should go for S8 not for S8+ because s8+ becomes very heavy and big in hands as it is heavier in weight than the S8 which is handier and the screen size of s8 is already so big for a smartphone and you can easily put this in your pocket also.

Another difference between these two models is about the battery life as the S8 is having a 3000 mAh battery but the S8+ is having a bigger 3500 mAh battery but you should not spend Rs.7,000 more for just a little much battery life as the Galaxy S8 is available at a price of Rs.57,900 where the S8+ is available at a price of Rs.64,900. But there are no major differences in both the device other than the screen size and battery capacity. And according to me, the battery capacity will also be not having a huge difference as Samsung has taken good care of both the devices and the 3000mAh battery can easily give enough for a whole day usage and as we all know both the devices have fast charging supports so there will be no issue for battery also.

So overall there are no difference in these two models, both have the similar specs like QHD display, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, 12 MP dual pixel rear camera and a LED flash, 8 MP rear camera, hybrid slots, water resistant, and both comes with android Nougat out of the box. So my advice is to buy the galaxy S8 as it has all the features present in the S8+ and also it is more lighter, handier and easy to carry than the S8+.


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