Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Major Specs and Performance Comparison


Samsung and LG had launched many different smartphones which are shown in the market as really rival devices. And today we are going to talk about the comparison between two smartphones one is the latest flagship of Samsung which is the Galaxy S8 which is one of the trending smartphones of Samsung and the other one is the LG G6 which is also the flagship model of LG. so lets check it out that which one is better smartphone and value for money.

So first of all lets start with the build quality and design, well both the devices are high ends smartphone and both comes with waterproofing and the display of galaxy s8 which is 5.8 inch is slightly bigger than the display of LG G6 which is 5.7 inch, in fact S8 is still much lighter than the G6 and also S8 has passed the drop test better than the G6 as the S8 is protected by gorilla glass 5 where the G6 has gorilla glass 3 protection and also G6 has not passed the drop test. Also, S8 has more pixel clarity screen than G6.

When we move on to the camera, so G6 has 2 rear cameras which can shoot wide pictures easily and the selfie camera lens is also type of wide angled where the Galaxy S8 do not have two cameras but still its pictures are more clear and sharp and also it has much more camera features like snap chat style filters and you can easily blur the background like the DSLRs and much more features which are not in the G6.

Talking about the performance and battery life of these two devices, so S8 comes with a more powerful processor which is the snapdragon 835 than the G6 processor which is snapdragon 821. But still both the devices are best in performance there is a slightly high performance in the S8 than G6.

Galaxy S8 comes power packed with a 3000 mAh battery where the G6 is having a 3300 mAh battery but still the battery of S8 have won the battery drain test. S8 3000 mAh battery is still better than the G6 3300 mAh battery.

So overall both the devices are high end and excellent in performance but S8 is much more powerful than the G6. So simply S8 is the winner for the comparison between Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6.


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