Rumors about moto Z2 Force won’t be a verizon exclusive model


As per all the humors coming, the new upcoming Motorola moto z2 will not be a Verizon exclusive model as the device is said to be sold by a number of other wireless carriers in the country including team mobile industry and insider 11 blast claims the source made that ascertain yesterday on twitter but further provided no further details on the matter. However the wording of the claims is just the moto z2 phones won’t only sold by the Verizon and t-mobile but should also be available through at least one other mobile service providers in the country that is its possible that customers of AT&T brand US cellular and some other carriers will also be able to purchase the device later this year while there is still no way to confirm the aforementioned claimed.

Previously reports suggested that the moto z2 force will be sold by sprint so this-this is not the first source claiming moto’s upcoming smartphones won’t be a Verizon exclusive. Finally, glass also shared what’s  said to be the new logo of the new moto z2 force depicted on the yellow background.

Also, the moto z2 and the moto z2 force both the devices are expected to be announced around the month of June and are set to hitting the market in late third quarter of 2017. Through actual details on their hardware are still scarce. But as per most of the humor, the moto z2 and moto z2 force both the smartphones will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest flagship chipset that is snapdragon 800 35 while the devices are also expected to support at least 4GB of RAM.

So these are some of the humor of the Moto z2 Force and also the information about the Verizon exclusive in MOTO Z2.


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