Roy Moore Staff Push Fox News Crew To The Side At Rally


Roy Moore is a bit of an embattled politician at the moment. He has numerous allegations of sexual misconduct with under age children swirling around him at the moment. Despite this, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to remaining in the race for the U.S. Senate, and he has denied all of the allegations. While all media eyes remain firmly fixed on this race at the moment, Roy Moore’s campaign had another little incident in recent days.

Fox News is reporting that some of their camera crew was shoved by Roy Moore staffers at a campaign event in Alabama. The media was informed ahead of time about which entrance Mr. Moore was going to use to enter the event. When they attempted to position themselves in such a way that they could get a camera shot of him as he entered the building, they were physically shoved away and even manhandled by staff of the Moore campaign.

Those involved in the incident from the Fox News side of things say that it is not unusual to get bumped or lightly pushed in the middle of a media scrum. However, they said that this was not one of those, and they also said that it is highly unusual for members of a political campaign to be the ones doing the pushing and shoving. Basically, this was just a strange event all the way around for those who were in the middle of it.

It remains unclear if Roy Moore witnessed the incident himself. It was said to have lasted approximately thirty seconds. The campaign has said that they have not seen the video of the incident, but that they do not approve of such behavior at their events. At the same time, the head of the campaign also went on to say that the media has behaved in inappropriate ways at these events. He said that the media has tried to “stampede” the campaign and also chased them down hallways and other areas. They have also yelled inappropriate things according to the campaign head.

The campaign has tried to shift away the focus of what they are doing back to the issues that the next Senator from Alabama will have to face. They say they will not answer questions from the media unless they can talk about those specific issues. Otherwise, they will remain silent to the media about everything else.


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