The Role of Religion in Climate Change


The Vatican City held a conference on climate change on Saturday. The participants of the conference brought up an issue that should be taken as a priority by the Pope when they recommended to the church to tell its people about the real effects of climate change. They said that climate change had the ability to control the spread of diseases and can also act as a threat to human life. National Association of Evangelicals president Rev. Leith Anderson said that people are made to believe using their faith even before scientific facts are presented to them. He further said that the better part of the world population has an affiliation with some religion.

He said that the recent catastrophes involving the environment should provide the church an opportunity to tell their faithful about how they are contributing to the disasters. Some of these catastrophes include droughts, flooding, and storms. Another official who spoke about the issue is Evangelical Environment Network president Rev. Mitchel C. Hescox. Mr. Hescox told the congregation that he had spoken about the issue to a number of people and congregations around the world. He said that from his many years of experience, a good number of faithful’s believed in climate change. At the same time, he said that they understood the science behind climate change. The only problem with these people is that they see the phenomenon as something of the future.

This means that they are not worried about the issue and don’t see the need for change. He further said that the easiest way to move the conservatives was to discuss the effects that climate change would have on their children. The three-day seminar had been organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and discussed the planet and public health. During the conference, scientists and dignitaries from around the world examined a host of data. The conference has been held since 2015 when Pope Francis talked about the ethical and social issues that had been caused by climate change. Back in 2015, Pope Francis blamed famine and mass migration on climate change. During the conference, the participants had an opportunity to discuss how air pollution had affected the planet. For instance, they discovered that it led to the increase of chronic illnesses and also affected the functioning of people’s brains. Jerry Brown, the California governor, also attended the meeting and told his listeners that his nation was serious about climate change mitigation.


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