The Role of Little Lobbyists in Sinking ACA Repeal


Anna C. Corbin says that she has never been involved with politics. As a matter of fact, she had never been to Pennsylvania Avenue or the Capitol prior to 2017. However, she mentions that she has driven to Washington, which is a two-hour drive from her home 15 times this year. Her business in Washington is to bring her sons, Jackson and Henry, to convince the Senate to stay with the current Affordable Care Act. Her sons are 12, and nine respectively and suffer from Noonan, which is a genetic condition that is associated with digestion problems, short stature, and bleeding. Jackson and Henry have also acquired a new profession known as the little lobbyists. During the entire period as the Senate thought about replacing and repealing the Obamacare, millions of dollars have been spent by insurance companies, hospitals, and health care doctors. However, the real effect has come from pint-size petitioners. These are people who spent nothing at all. This happens to be children like Jackson and Henry suffering from serious medical conditions. Their stories to the Congress have been crucial in killing the repeal of the Obamacare. According to Ms. Corbin, she says that people often say that kids don’t vote. As for her sons, she says that they will have the genetic condition for the rest of their lives.

At the same time, she laments that they will one day become voters meaning that they will be subjected to these laws. This is the reason why she feels that her children deserve to be heard. From the efforts of these little children, a human face emerged on the discussion about premium subsidies and insurance regulation. This had an effect on the Congressional Budget Office cost estimates and Medicaid expansion. This is a bill that was opposed by a number of people and organizations such as the American Hospital Association America’s Health Insurance Plans and the American Medical Association. However, according to lawmakers working on the bill, they confess that the bill was killed by the outpouring from the constituents. The little lobbyists pleading for their lives and those of other children with special needs also played a significant role in sinking the bill. Democratic Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine referred to the little lobbyists as fantastic. These kids with their parents truly showed Americans how life would be for them without Medicaid. He credits them to the value that they added to the health care debate.


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