RNC Bigwig Steps Down After Allegations Of Cheating


Throughout the past several months, news of an alleged affair between adult film star Stormy Daniels – real name Stephanie Clifford – and current United States President Donald Trump, talks of which have more or less crescendoed.

Part of such allegations included a $130,000 payment from President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen to Daniels, allegations of which were denied by Trump.

Recently, Cohen’s name has popped back into news circles, with a trusted source claiming that he funneled roughly $1.6 million to an unnamed former Playboy model.

That model was given such money, as these allegations detail, in exchange for keeping quiet about getting pregnant by a prominent fundraiser for the Greater Opposition Party – a term synonymous with “Republicans” – Elliott Broidy.

According to legal documents, the $1.6 million was provided to the former Playboy model in the form of a settlement for a personal injury suit, which came in tandem with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), making it impossible for the woman to speak publicly – or with anyone, even in private – about such payments.

While such sources allegedly know the name of the model, she is not willing to come forward at this time, in fear of potential kickbacks against her welfare and reputation.

The agreement mentioned above – the NDA – claims that Mr. Broidy is the father of a child that former Playboy model had. However, the model hasn’t come forward with any verifiable proof of the father of her child – allegedly Broidy.

It seems as if such allegations are true, seeing as Broidy stepped down as the deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee shortly after The Wall Street Journal initially reported the alleged existence of such payments totaling $1.6 million.

Ronna Romney McDaniel, Chairperson of the Republican National Committee, formally accepted Broidy’s stepping down from the position.

A press release put out by Broidy stated that he was, in fact, involved in a relationship with the former Playboy Model, though he didn’t address allegations of him fathering a child with the woman.

Such allegations happened relatively recently, as the contract put forward by the anonymous source indicated that the very first payment by Broidy’s camp went out in December 2017, with the next seven installments of the $1.6 million slated to go out every three months.

If the woman breached the contract agreement, she won’t be able to receive the rest of the seven payments.


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