The Rise of Eric Pulier To a Global Technology Entrepreneur

Rise of Eric Pulier
Rise of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the world’s most-famous entrepreneurs in technology business sub-sector. He is not only a successful businessman but also a renowned motivational speaker, author and a philanthropist. His great commitment and passion towards his work and helping other people has been a contributing factor towards the celebrated milestones.

Motivating life history

Eric grew up from a humble beginning. His early life has been a great motivation to many people around the world. He was born and raised in Teaneck Township, New Jersey, United States. Pulier attended local public schools in is his early education before moving to Harvard University. He worked as a gas station attendant throughout his high school life.

Eric has told the public in many occasions that he was not born the person he is today. He has however confessed that his love for technology developed when he was still a young boy. As a teenager, he clearly demonstrated passion for technology. He was able to build his own computer after researching several IT materials. This he did while in his fourth grade. Pulier is also reported to have performed consistently well in his tests. He has been generally described by many instructors as a good student.

The celebrated technology-entrepreneur studied English and American literature at Harvard. He graduated in 1998. His choice of this option surprised family and friends who thought he would pursue a course in engineering. Eric further studied a technology related course at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is currently the CEO of his latest venture; vAtomic Systems. He is married and is a happy father of four.

Pulier’s entrance into the business world

Eric relocated to Los Angeles after his studies. While there, he began to establish himself as an entrepreneur who is focused on the future and service to humanity. It is then that he built his first company; the People Doing Things. The firm used technology solutions to solve real-world challenges. It provided a great support in addressing healthcare, education and poverty related challenges.

The firm impressed many because of its strategic-solutions. It was later acquired and Eric immediately commenced on building another company. He has since developed a number of firms including Desktone, Media Platform, ServiceMesh and Starbright World just to mention a few. His latest project, vAtomic Systems, is focused on combining digital and physical worlds with improved reality and experimental technologies.

Eric Pulier has seen great advancements in his career. He has co-founded significant number of companies. He has also served in several senior-management positions.

Exclusive interview sessions with Eric Pulier

He loves to share with others his ideas and life experiences. Many people refer to him as a self-made businessman. In one of his recent interviews, Eric continued to accept that he always had passion in information technology. He pointed out that he had always dreamt of coming up with ideas that serve a bigger market.

When asked on how he makes money, the soft-spoken entrepreneur responded by saying that he continuously look for new concepts to invest in. He also put passion, total commitment and long hours of work in his ventures. He stated that it didn’t take him too long to make profit because of his proper groundwork on logistics for all his products.

Like many successful businessmen, he had faith in his concepts. He says the struggles in managing his early businesses have given him the vast-experience he currently enjoys. He pointed out that pay-per-click advertising has been one of his successful marketing strategies.

Eric’s toughest decisions

The greatest challenge, according to him, is to establish which of the many competing firms is right for his next venture. He clarifies that there is need to conduct proper research whenever one is considering new-investments. He believes that total dedication and lack of shortcuts in each aspect of his processes have contributed towards his success. Eric admits that selling the People Doing Things has remained his major achievement since it was his first notable milestone.

Source of inspiration

Pulier is driven by his philosophy that thinking about the future is a great way to stay positive and inspired. He confirmed that he has been specifically motivated by Peter Diamandis’ book titled “Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think”. He agrees the book is not meant exclusively for entrepreneurs but it presents how IT will develop generations to come.

Eric is a community person

His love for humanity doesn’t end with his investments. He knows how to perfectly balance charitable and commercial goals. He cares for both his employees and the community. His recent purchase that he argues has helped his company is the acquisition of an espresso machine for the office.

His belief on sharing with others is the foundation of Starbright World; a service platform that is currently supporting patients in more than 700 hospitals in the United States. Another notable investment in the society is XPrize Foundation; an initiative that offers a platform for talented individuals with interests of making the world a better place to live in. He has also provided financial support to people with medical problems.

The Future of Eric Pulier

He says the future remains very bright for him and those in technology business. However, he is considering to venture into the Biotech sub-sector as well. This is because he believes the segment has the potential to impact on billions of lives.

Eric pointed out to the interviewers that it is actually not easy to tell whether an idea can result into the other. He reminded them that it is essential to consider each concept that comes in.

He made some remarkable comments in a session with Pulier stipulated that his greatest legacy are his four children, Peter Diamandis is his greatest influence, Google docs his favorite software, given a second chance he would do nothing differently, he uses pen and paper to turn ideas into projects and the best advice to entrepreneurs is for them to remain persistent.

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