Ride-hails are said to Cause Traffic


Even as tension between Uber and taxicabs intensifies, many people are left wondering whether Uber has affected all other modes of transport. What many want to understand is whether ride-hailing is here to woe people who use public means to travel or whether they aim at making possible the transition of even more riders. The ability of the companies to convince people to stop using their private vehicles and opt for the ride-hail is yet another question that has arisen. Once answers to this questions are figured out, it will be easy to determine how people will behave in the future, when smart cars will be the order of the day. The Ubers services are still new, a fact that opens up the questions for debate.

The U.C Davis Institute of Transportation Studies surveyed metro areas that include Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. The total number of people interviewed were 2,000, ranging from those who use ride-hails to those who did not use the services. Individuals who reside in the suburbs were not left behind in the survey. The study revealed that Uber appeals to many public transport users. In estimates, about 49 to 61 percent of the trips taken using Uber services would have been made on foot or using bikes. The trips therefore only serve to increase the number of vehicles on the road. It is easy to conclude that ride-hail could probably make traffic even worse, especially if the drivers have to wait around for another rider.

Only three percent of individuals who use ride-hails use heavy rails such as subway since they began using the apps. They say that the apps help them get to the last mile especially those who do not live near the train’s final stop. Many people said that they ceased to use the public transport since it is slow and wholly unreliable. The popularity of this apps has adversely affected the public transport in cities such as Washington, San Francisco as well as New York. In May 2016, Lyft and Uber the most popular ride-hails temporally pulled of Austin, Texas. Several institutions took this opportunity to conduct a survey. Nine percent of people said that they used their private cars during this time while three percent used public transportation. This study showed that many people who use Uber are those who initially used public buses. The traffic would have been reduced if people left their private cars to use the ride-hails.


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