Residents Fear For Their Safety After Shootings At The Quincy In New Brunswick, New Jersey

the quincy new brunswick shootings

History of Crime at the Quincy

The Quincy is a large apartment complex located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Since the 1970s, numerous residents have left the complex due to the increase in crime that has occurred in the area. Businesses have suffered, current residents are in fear for their safety, and the property is now low on budget to provide adequate security. While the New Brunswick police department has been diligent about arrests and pressing charges, criminal activity is still an ongoing issue. There have been a few shootings that have taken place at the complex in recent years.

Some of the residents possess firearms which have been used to commit crimes against others. Such incidents have left many people with lasting physical and emotional injuries. While the culprits have been charged with committing these shootings, many residents are still at risk. Minimal security at the complex which has resulted in more crimes over the last few years.


The Quincy Pizza Robbery

An incident involving a pizza delivery driver occurred on May 7, 2013. Someone ordered a pizza from a local restaurant and asked that it be delivered to one of the units but didn’t give a name. When the driver arrived, it was hard for him to determine exactly where the caller was located because there are over 200 units there. The driver talked to a few people at the complex to find out if they had placed the order. When no one admitted to making the call, the driver started to leave to go back to the restaurant.

When the delivery driver started walking back to his car, he saw three men armed with guns. The men took the pizza from him but didn’t stop there. They also took the money that he had on him and shot him before they drove off in a small van. Cell phone information was retrieved from the call that was initially made to order the pizza. Officers were able to track the person down and make an arrest. This is only one of the incidents that have taken place at the complex in recent years.

Officers filed several charges against the man including giving false delivery information, possession of a firearm, and robbery. There was another person taken to a local hospital who claimed to have been shot as well, but officers didn’t make a direct connection with the pizza robbery. The man arrested has been in court since being charged with the robbery and was sentenced to time in jail.


Shooting In October 2015 At The Quincy

Another shooting that took place at the complex occurred in October 2015. This was a prominent incident at the time because of the nature of the crime. There was one person injured during the shooting. The injuries were not immediately known until the person was taken to a local hospital. There was another person injured but not severely. One of the victims was dropped off at a hospital near the apartment complex, but the person who dropped the victim off didn’t try to stay to find out about the injuries.

Officers believe that the shooting was done by a member of a local gang who was living at the complex at the time. After receiving information about the shooting, officers believe that the person who took the victim to the hospital was the one who committed the crime. A scope of the area produced several bullets near a building at the complex. A detailed investigation was launched after the bullets were found on the ground.

A resident reported the shooting shortly after 9:30 in the evening. Officers believe the shooting took place right outside the first building of the complex. This is an area known for more violence, but some residents have questioned why more crimes take place in this area because it’s close to the office and close to the main road where more people can observe crimes as they are committed.

The identity of the shooter and the victim were not initially released because officers were trying to determine the relationship between the two people. However, charges were soon filed against the alleged shooter, and he has since been in court to face a judge about his charges. The suspect in the shooting was described as a young male who wore a hoodie at the time of the crime.


Ongoing Criminal Activity

As officers have continued to examine the area and monitor the apartment complex, they have seen more crimes taking place. The police have also responded to crimes in which injuries have occurred due use of knives or other weapons. These crimes have occurred as a result of people fighting in the parking lot or in the units with family members, friends, and people who are only visiting at the time.

With the increase in criminal activity, more residents are leaving the complex to find a safer community. The Quincy has suffered from this loss of income. As a consequence, away from the budget to provide adequate security for the community.

Both shootings took place at the Quincy Circle, an area of the apartment complex where residents and guests are known to congregate when they don’t want to stay inside their apartments. This is also an area where people will gather if they are threatened by someone else in one of the units and want to settle the argument outside instead of inside since there is more room to fight in the parking lot. Most of the activity takes place in the evening so that the office manager isn’t on the property.

These criminals choose to commit commit these crimes late in the evening. But many residents are taking action to report any suspicious activity to the local police department. Many reports have been made anonymously due to resident fear of retaliation. Residents who call the police department don’t want the suspects to know that they are being watched.


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