The Rescue Operation for Ms. Coleman


A CIA drone helped identify a young woman and her family living on a militant base in Pakistani. After an analysis of the footage and the pictures, it was discovered that she was the American woman who was abducted five years ago while heavily pregnant with her husband who is from Canada. According to CIA agents who asked for anonymity, they said that the images, though granny acted as the breakthrough. They further said that members of the Navy SEAL team six were assembled to rescue the woman and her family. For starters, the Navy SEAL team six is made up of elite US commandoes who are tasked with secretive high-risk missions. However, the mission failed as the CIA drone watched as the family was driven out of the camp. The aim was to hide them in the lawless tribal lands in Pakistan. US ambassador to Pakistan asked the local government to solve the issue or let the United States carry the attack. From the message, people close to the mission said that the United States Navy SEALS were ready for deployment if the local law enforcers failed in the mission. Going by the 2011 Osama Bin Laden attack where the US failed to notify the local officials, this mission would be an embarrassing situation for Pakistan.

According to the Pakistani officials, the government acted within hours after being fed the intelligence by the American forces. Within three hours, they managed to locate the vehicle transporting the family. Once they confronted the captors, they found Joshua Boyle in the car alongside his American wife, Caitlan Coleman. This brought to an end a mission that began in October 2012 when the couple was captured. According to their families, they said that Ms. Coleman was seven months pregnant during the capture. During her time in captivity, she gave birth four times. When asked about the issue, the CIA declined to respond to the issue. At the same time, the Trump administration acknowledged the help of the Pakistani government. US government did not reveal whether Pakistan was forced to act. President Trump called the situation a win-win for everyone involved. Mr. Boyle has maintained that his wife was raped while in captivity several times. However, the militants have rubbished the claims saying that they didn’t defile the woman. They capture was followed by the capture of an Australian known as Timothy Weeks. He was then followed by Kevin King.


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