Reports Abound of Nielsen Threatening to Resign


Will another one of President Donald Trump’s staff be jumping ship soon? A Thursday report regarding Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting details a lengthy, adversarial argument between Trump and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. The day ended with Nielsen allegedly confiding in colleagues that she was considering turning in her termination plans following the confrontational meeting, going so far as to writing a letter of resignation.

The meeting centered on immigration and resulted in Trump telling Nielsen that he was not satisfied with her job performance in securing the border. Nielsen countered Trump’s admonishment, stating that she was following the law as it was intended. Trump’s confrontation was confirmed by a White House official.

Despite two officials confirming the report that Nielsen had drafted a resignation letter, a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security spokesman denied the report, stating that Nielsen was back at work and working hard to serve the country in her duties as overseeing immigration enforcement and border security.

This latest incident comes on the heels of a report last year alleging that Attorney General Jeff Sessions also threated to resign after he had been humiliated and berated by the President after a series of confrontations. Nielsen was tapped to be secretary after serving with current White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly. In a Thursday statement, Nielsen reiterated her commitment to securing the country’s porous borders, especially those along the Mexican border. Rather than direct her ire at the President, Nielsen used her platform to express her frustration with Congress and its lack of action in dealing with the issue.

The hot-button issue of immigration continues to be one of the President’s biggest, and most controversial, talking points. Nielsen has made headlines in recent weeks for her announcement that any illegal immigrant caught crossing the border will be detained for prosecution, regardless of the situation.


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