A Report of State of Affairs in California Following Wildfires


The worst wildfires in the state of California are still tearing the state apart. At the moment, 31 people have been confirmed dead. What’s more disturbing is that the fire is spreading to other regions in a dramatic fashion. With each day, plumes of smoke are thickening, and this has forced the Californian population to move towards the Bay Area. At the moment, everything is the state smells like it’s been burnt. Haze is now what covers what used to be people’s buildings. The same has happened to the hills. In other areas, no resident is trying to near the fires. Instead, they have chosen to wear air masks as they try to do the small things they can. The once blue sky in the area is being turned to gray miasma of soot. This has resulted in low quality of breathing air. Most of the air can affect the lungs. The unhealthy air has travelled far and wide as it has affected other areas, an area like Fresno that is 200 miles south of the fires. The fires have affected the area in many ways. For instance, schoolchildren have been ordered to stay at home and doctors have seen a rise in the number of people coming in with lung problems and heart trouble. People calling medical professionals have also been on the rise.

As for the Oakland Raiders, they decided to cancel their outdoor activity saying that they didn’t want to risk the health of their players by breathing in what they called bad air. The number of the dead is already the highest in a single fire. The last fire to kill such numbers of people is the Griffith Park fire back in 1933 that burned 47 acres and killed 29 people. Officials in Sonoma County confirmed that they had identified 10 of the 17 people who had died in the county. They also confirmed that most of these people were elderly people in their 70s and 80s. While one was found in his vehicle, the rest were burned in their houses. This information was announced by Sonoma County Sheriff Robert Giordano. As people panicked to safety, nearly 900 cases of missing persons have been filed with the police. State officials say that more than 30 detectives have been deployed to find these missing persons. While they have managed to confirm the safety and locations of close to 440 people, they said that they are still looking for the remaining 460 people.


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