Pyongyang’s Response to Washington’s remarks On the Trump-Kim Summit


The Chairperson of the State of Affairs Commission in North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has made a bold move to end the diplomatic row between his country and the United States. He has met the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on two occasions. Kim has also taken very careful steps for the peace and stability of the world and the Korean peninsula in particular. President Donald Trump responded by saying that he would bring the deep-rooted hostility between the US and North Korea to an end and improve relations with Pyongyang. Foreign relations analysts and national security experts said that the upcoming North Korea-US summit would serve as a significant deterrence to the ever-looming nuclear war between the two countries.

These analysts also added that the summit would serve as the building block to great diplomatic relations in the future between Pyongyang and Washington. However, the United States is making reckless remarks that are provoking North Korea and threatening a once hopeful and peaceful future in the Korean peninsula. Many commentators have been disappointed because the statements that are coming from Washington, and especially the White House. They have said that these statements constitute an extremely unjust behaviour. High ranking US government officials from the State Department and the White House are saying that the situation between the United States and North Korea closely resembles the Libya mode of nuclear abandonment.

The national security advisor to the White House, John Bolton has said that the disarmament of North Korea should be irreversible, verifiable and complete denuclearization. The Trump administration has repeatedly said that the regime in Pyongyang should take on the decommissioning of their nuclear weapon’s base that includes bombs, missiles and other forms of biochemical weapons. These officials have had a hardline saying that North Korea should abandon its nuclear weapons program first before any form of reward or compensation from the United States and the community of nations.

Many foreign relations experts in the US and from around the globe have said that such statements are not an expression of the Trump administration unwillingness to solve the stalemate through dialogue. Kim Jong Un has said that it was utterly a wrong move to impose the destiny of Iraq and Libya on their country. The regime in Pyongyang said that it is absurd to compare North Korea, which is a nuclear weapon state, to Libya. The officials added that Libya was only in the initial stages of the development of a nuclear warhead.


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