President Trump And The Opioid Emergency


Tom Price works closely with President Donald Trump as the Health and Human Services Secretary. He has recently made statements that President Trump isn’t ready to declare that there is any kind of opioid problem in the United States even though there are numerous people who overdose on a regular basis and who find ways to get these drugs without prescriptions. There are recommendations that have been offered by the opioid commission to go ahead and declare that there is some kind of emergency, but President Trump isn’t taking any action about what they say.

There are health experts across the country who are pleading for some kind of warning to be issued so that the lives of the American people can be saved. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the head of the commission to try to get President Trump to see that there is a problem and has realized that there are people all over the country dying. Christie has been on CNN in recent weeks to talk about the epidemic and just how this drug crisis has got so out of hand.

President Trump has made comments that there needs to be a stronger police presence in states and in cities where drug use is higher. Price is trying to side with President Trump about opiates being an emergency situation, but neither one will publicly declare these feelings. It is believed that measures can be taken to deal with the crisis without putting the public in a frenzy. However, there are ideas being given to President Trump so that he can make the best decision possible. There are agencies in areas across the cabinet that are trying to come up with plans that will help to put a stop to the opioid addiction that is taking place across the country with the assistance of President Trump in the future.


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