President Trump Endorses Former Governor Romney for the Senate


On Monday night, US President Donald Trump expressed his support behind former Governor Romney’s bid to become the next US Senator from the state of Utah. The president wrote on his Twitter handle that Romney could fit in the shoes of Orrin Hatch, who retired after being the longest served US Senator in history. The endorsement comes at a critical time when the former Governor of Massachusetts has been one of the most vocal critics of the Trump administration within the Republican Party. Mitt Romney had in the past during the 2016 presidential campaigns referred to Trump as fraud and a phony. President Donald Trump had been asking and encouraging Orrin Hatch to run for another term as the Utah Senator, but he said that the time had come to call it quits and retire from the halls of Washington.

President Trump tweeted that Mitt Romney has made the announcement that he will be running to represent the great state of Utah in the US Senate and that he will be a great legislator and a worthy successor to former President pro Tem, Orrin Hatch. The President added that Mitt Romney had the full endorsement and support from the White House. President wrote these sentiments on his Twitter handle on Monday night after spending the weekend in his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. A few hours after the tweet from the US president, Romney also re-tweeted back thanking President Trump for his endorsement and support.

Romney added that he hoped that within the course of the campaigns for the mid-term elections scheduled for November this year, he would ultimately earn the endorsement and support from the great people of Utah. On Friday, Romney made the announcement for his long-awaited bid for the US Senate in his adopted state of Utah. The announcement was characterized by a low key rollout whose intention was to duck the roiling divisions in the Republican Party and to avoid sending any signals that he will be one of Trump cronies in the Capitol Hill.

In one of his written announcements that were distributed to the press on Friday morning, Romney alluded that he the political and economic success for the state of Utah served as a model for the entire United States. He added that he was ready and willing to fight for the great state of Utah, recommend and legislate solutions that would improve the livelihoods of the residents of Utah.


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