President Trump Attacks the FBI


The investigation looking into the allegations whether President Trump interfered with the general elections last year took an unprecedented turn last week when Michael Flynn decided to collaborate with the FBI. This was bad news for the Trump administration as the information provided by Michael Flynn could be damaging. The president decided to protect his administration by going after the FBI yesterday where he talked ill of the law enforcement agency. First, the president referred to the agency as biased. He then said that the FBI’s reputation when it comes to fairness is in tatters. The president unleashed the attack through a series of tweets. In one of the tweets, the president said that the current status of the FBI is the worst in the history of the agency. This comes just two days after the agency managed to pledge the cooperation of Michael Flynn.

At the same time, the agency ensured that the first national security advisor for the Trump administration entered a guilty plea. However, the decision to rebuke the FBI didn’t go well with notable figures in America. He was rebuked by the current and former officials of the bureau. He was also rebuked by lawmakers and historians. Some criticized President Trump for portraying himself as a law and order abiding president and yet criticizing law enforcement agencies. A top FBI official to defend the bureau was Thomas 0’Connor. He said that his agents remain dedicated to what they signed for. He further said that his agents were still being driven by professionalism and unwavering integrity when going about the job. He said that someone who would suggest otherwise would be telling lies. Two days earlier, Michael Flynn told the FBI that he had given false evidence about his interaction with the Russian ambassador.

This event took place during the presidential transition. There are reports that Robert S. Mueller, the special counsel in charge of the investigation is looking into the possibility that President Trump obstructed justice when he fired James B. Comey. Mr. Comey is the former FBI director. President Trump also had some harsh words for Mr. Comey yesterday. In a tweet, President Trump referred to Mr. Comey as a liar. President Trump said that at no one given moment did he tell Mr. Comey to stop the investigation looking into Mr. Flynn. Eric H. Holder Jr. also defended the FBI. He said that the FBI is more honest at the moment than the White House. Mr. Holder served as the first attorney general for the Obama administration.


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