President Robert Mugabe Resigns After 37 years


The 37-year tenure of Robert Mugabe finally came to an end on Tuesday. Shortly after lawmakers started impeachment proceeding against him, Mr. Robert Mugabe resigned. His letter of resignation was read out by Jacob Mudenda. It stated that he was stepping down for the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and to ensure the country experiences a peaceful transfer of power. The news of his resignation was received with cheers and jubilation as the residents of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare took to the street. Mr. Mugabe is 93 years of age and not only was he the oldest head of state, but he was also the longest-serving African leader. It should be remembered that Mr. Mugabe had at one time said that only death would get him out of the presidency.

Few minutes after the news of his resignation spread, Perseverance Sande who is 20 years of age said that resignation was the best thing that ever happened to Zimbabwe. Many Zimbabweans had been waiting for the moment for so long. Mugabe’s four-decade tenure was characterized with handing out power to his acquaintances besides crushing dissent. He had refused to resign even after the ZANU-PF the party he had headed for four decades expelled him on Sunday. A motion of impeachment was introduced by members of the party and was seconded by the Movement for Democratic Change. As the impeachment motion was under discussion, the justice minister Happyton Bonyongwe walked in and was booed for it was rumored that he was using bribes to sway voters against impeachment. He whispered to Mr. Mudende and handed him the resignation letter.

The regular program for the state broadcaster was interrupted to report about the resignation. A new leader is expected to be sworn on Wednesday, to hold in until the next year’s elections. Despite overseeing the massacre of thousands of people in 1980s, people became more aggravated when Robert Mugabe fired his vice president and installed his wife Grace, as a strategy for her to take over. Grace was clear that she wanted to become the president despite being a political amateur as she ridiculed politicians who for many decades wanted to succeed her husband. Mr. Mnangagwa, the likely successor to Mr. Mugabe, is accused of organizing the 1980’s crackdown that saw thousands of Ndebele ethnic group members killed, as well as the violence that was witnessed in 2008 aimed at rigging polls in favor of Mugabe.


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