President Obama Beats Trump again In a Poll for Most Admired American man


The incumbent US president is not the first sitting president of the United States not to be voted as the most admired American man. Poor approval ratings in their years in the White House had made Richard Nixon, George W Bush and Gerald Ford miss out on the honor too. According to an annual Gallup poll, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama were named the most admired woman and man in the United States respectively. The poll results would be undesirable news for the incumbent president Donald Trump.

Trump is suffering from unusually meager approval ratings in his first year of presidency. President Trump came second to President Obama polling 14% against Obama’s 17%. Last year, President Obama led trump with a 22% against 15%. Hillary Clinton who has previously served as a Secretary of State, United States Senator, and First Lady was voted for the coveted position of the most admired woman in America by 9% of all the respondents who took part in the poll. Clinton lost the presidency to Trump in last year’s presidential elections on the Electoral College vote despite having beaten him by gaining a majority of the popular vote.

The 9% was enough to put Michelle Obama behind her by two points. Oprah Winfrey came third while Elizabeth Warren, the US senator from Massachusetts came fourth in the polls for the most admired woman in all of the United States. The Queen of England and the German chancellor both had 2% of all the votes cast.

The current First lady, Melania Trump, Beyonce Knowles, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Kate Middleton all had 1% of the votes cast. This year, Pope Francis ranked number three in the list of most admired man in the United States with 35 of the votes while former Republican presidential nominee and Senator of Arizona came in fourth with 2% of the votes. The founder of Amazon billionaire Steve Bezos and the US senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders garnered 1% of the votes.

The list of those with 1% of the votes includes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Vice President Mike Pence, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The executive orders signed by President Trump in his first year at the White House have been seen as a way of demeaning President Obama’s legacy including the push for the repeal of the affordable healthcare act popularly known as ObamaCare by House Republicans.


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