Pet Owners Spend Thousands Of Years On Their Pets


Being a pet owner is not cheap. A recent survey has shown that the average pet owner spends $2,260 per year on their pet. This means that if people own a pet for 10 years, then they can easily spend over $20,000 on their pet.

Many of the costs that come along with owning a pet are unforeseen. Sixty-five percent of pet owners stated that they experienced an unforeseen medical expense due to a pet medical emergency. Fifty-seven percent of pet owners have stated that they have struggled to pay for their dog’s expenses.

If pet owners do not pay for their dog’s medical expenses, then they may pay for it later on down the road. Forty-nine percent of pet owners have had to put their pet down due to a medical problem that they were not aware of. Owners have a strong bond with their pets. Eighty-four percent of people have stated that they called themselves pet parents.

Seventy-four percent of Millennials stated raising a pet is similar to raising a child. Sixty-eight percent of Millennials stated that raising a pet prepared them to raise a child. Seventy percent of people stated that their pets were members of their family.

Medical care is not the only thing that pet owners splurge on. The average pet owner spends $236 per year on treats. Half of pet owners stated that they prepared a homemade meal for their pets. Many people feel that their quality of life has been improved because of their pet. That is why it makes sense for people to invest in their pets.

Cat owners do not spend as much money on their pets. They spend an average of $1,576 per year. A spokesperson for VIP Pet Care stated that pet owners want to do everything that they can to protect their pets. That is why VIP Pet Care makes it convenient for people to get pet care.


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