Some People Insist On Riding Out Hurricane Irma Even Though They Have Been Told To Leave


Carl Roberts is a Florida resident. Even though Hurricane Irma is set to hit his area, he does not plan on leaving. He has food, a case of water and everything else needs. Carl plans on riding the storm out. Authorities have warned over six million people in Florida and Georgia to evacuate. The fierce winds and flooding that Hurricane Irma will bring will make it impossible to leave. They will also make it harder for a person to get rescued.

Many Florida residents have lived through many other hurricanes and brag about it. Carl stated that he is not really worried about the damage from the hurricane because he lives on the 17th floor. He also has security shutters on his home. He stated that he plans on staying because he does not have anywhere else to go.

The entire Florida Keys area, which is close to where Carl lives, was ordered to evacuate. Authorities went door to door asking people to leave. People were not arrested for refusing to comply. However, they were warned that they would not be rescued if they called 911.

Carol Stroud is another Florida Keys resident who decided not to evacuate. She stated that she stayed because she thought that Hurricane Irma would take a turn somewhere else. She also stated that she did not want to drive alone. Her husband also refuses to leave. Breanna Vough, who is Carol’s daughter, did not want to leave because she could not take her animals.

A lack of funds was another reason that many people refused to leave. Many people did not have enough money to put gas in their car to drive hundreds of miles. Others did not have any friends or family members that they could stay with until the storm was over.

Stefani Travieso is a 22-year-old Miami resident. She did not evacuate because she is pregnant. Her doctor told her to stay in a place where she feels comfortable. However, she stated that if she was not pregnant, then she would be hitting the road.


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