Paul J. Manafort in Trouble over Consultation with the Ukraine Government


Paul J. Manafort seems to be in trouble again after a report he wrote five years ago is haunting him. It has been reported that the former campaign manager of President Trump facilitated a deal that involved a firm from New York and a Russian client. The deal involved the formulation of a report for a client known as Viktor Yanukovych who is from Ukraine. The Ukraine leader with Russian affiliation later used the report to jail another political leader in the country. The New York firm in question is referred to as Skedden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. For starters, things didn’t work out for Mr. Yanukovych as his government was toppled and he fled to Russia. The United States Justice Department has requested the firm to present them with a copy of the report they drafted. This request comes at an opportune time when this work and others involving the Ukraine ousted government have become crucial for the investigation by Senior counsel Robert S. Mueller. The aim of these investigations is to determine whether the Russians interfered with the US election as well as the connections between the Russians and President Trump alongside his associates. However, close sources reporting on the request say that they cannot determine whether the request by Justice Department is linked to the investigation by Robert S. Mueller.

All that experts can speculate is the questioning of Mr. Manafort close association with the Ukrainian government. This also brings to light the problems that can arise for public relations consultants, lobbyists and Washington lawyers for offering their services to authoritarian governments. Consultants have said in the past that Paul Manafort played a crucial role in protecting the former Ukraine leader from international rebuke. However, it has also been reported that Paul Manafort was not involved in the daily execution of orders for the campaign. Instead, his role involved devising the strategies to be used and also doing other important tasks. He is credited with recruiting important figures for the campaign such as hiring public relations consultants, lawyers as well as lobbyists. He is partly blamed for the troubles that befell Yulia V. Tymoshenko who was the Ukraine Prime Minister at that time. He was wrongfully jailed in 2011 on allegations of corruption. Experts say that this happened in the absence of sufficient evidence. This kind of consultation was not an issue for the Justice Department and the media until last year.


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