How Experts at Osteo Relief Institute Can Treat Clients Who Are Experiencing Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis affects more than 55 million individuals in the United States, and various studies have shown that the number of sufferers may soon rise by more than 10 percent. In order to mitigate the symptoms of the condition, a patient can choose treatments that require injectable liquids that could reduce soreness, medications that decrease inflammation, physical therapy, a daily routine that lessens the frequency of certain movements, exercises that will strengthen muscles that surround each affected knee and stretches that significantly improve the knee’s range of motion.


Evaluating the Cartilage


The condition may be caused by a decreased level of collagen, and this protein is found in the cartilage, which is situated within the joints. Once the concentration of collagen decreases, sections of the joints can rub against one another when the knee moves, so the condition may precipitate severe inflammation, swelling, stiffness and the production of compounds that increase inflammation in other body parts. If an affected individual does not receive sufficient treatments, the person may experience calcification, which can substantially decrease the flexibility of the knee.


Examining an Inflamed Knee


When a patient visits the Osteo Relief Institute, the organization’s specialists can utilize a videofluoroscopy in order to evaluate the overall flexibility of the knee (OsteoReliefInstituteLouisville). The technique also allows experts to evaluate the structural condition of the knee, and medical specialists may analyze the kinematics, which could influence symptoms and the level of inflammation in the joints.


The Effects of Osteoarthritis


Once a sufferer has experienced the symptoms of osteoarthritis for more than three months, the condition might precipitate inflammation that affects the hips, the spine and the feet. Eventually, the disorder could cause severe tension in the quadriceps and the hamstrings. These complications sometimes occur because untreated patients often have to stiffen their legs. Eventually, the modified movements put extra stress on the other joints, and the altered motions can cause the joints to twist excessively.


Choosing Injections That Decrease Soreness


The Osteo Relief Institute offers cutting-edge injections that provide a specialized liquid, which can lubricate the joints and reduce the impact of damaged cartilage. The swift procedure may substantially decrease stiffness and lessen inflammation that is associated with damaged joints, and according to the Osteo Relief Institute, the techniques might offer relief for at least six months.


Physical Therapy


If an individual chooses treatments that involve physical therapy, experts may recommend movements that slowly extend the knee, increase the range of motion, reduce soreness and augment the strength of the cartilage. Some types of physical therapy could also lessen the effects of calcification by preventing the calcium from settling within the joints.


Exercises That Can Reduce Symptoms


When a patient visits the Osteo Relief Institute, the specialists can describe exercises that will substantially strengthen the quadriceps, the hamstrings and the calves ( Some training sessions will also improve the strength of the hip flexors, which may affect an individual’s gait and modify the movements of the knees. Numerous studies have shown that the exercises can decrease the amount of weight that each knee regularly bears.


Increasing the Level of Collagen Within the Joints


In order to augment the concentration of collagen in the knee’s cartilage, an individual may regularly consume supplements that offer methylsulfonylmethane, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Many patients frequently take vitamin C, which can tremendously increase the production of collagen throughout the body. Moreover, a sufferer may consume at least 800 milligrams of glycine every day because this amino acid is the most prevalent compound in collagen.


The Benefits of Cycling


If a person enjoys cycling, the training sessions could immensely improve the flexibility of an inflamed knee and increase the strength of the muscles that surround the knee (). The Osteo Relief Institute has also indicated that cycling could prevent modified movements that may damage the joints. Unlike running, cycling will not generate consistent impacts that might affect the cartilage within the joints.


Relaxing in a Hot Tub


If an individual sits in a hot tub, the warm water will substantially augment the levels of endorphins that the nervous system produces, and according to the Osteo Relief Institute, these natural compounds can reduce soreness, improve well-being and enhance motivation. Furthermore, the hot water generally increases blood flow to the knees, so the heat may augment the level of oxygen that reaches the joints and improve the amounts of minerals that each knee absorbs.


Choosing Medications That Can Decrease Soreness


At the Osteo Relief Institute, the experts sometimes recommend medications that may notably reduce inflammation, and these compounds can lessen the levels of prostaglandins, which are natural substances that augment the inflammatory response and cause extra swelling ( Generally, each medication offers relief for five hours to six hours, yet if an individual takes naproxen, the ingredient may reduce symptoms for more than 10 hours.


Evaluating Surgical Procedures


Once a sufferer has tried multiple treatments, doctors may perform a surgery that will fuse the joints of the knee. The procedure will also connect the femur to a bone that is situated within the shin. After this type of surgery, the knee will not be able to handle extra weight for approximately three months. Generally, an individual will fully recover within one year; however, the patient may require physical therapy for at least six months. The Osteo Relief Institute will usually recommend injections that offer medical liquids before an individual chooses this type of surgery.


Requesting an Evaluation


If a person is suffering from osteoarthritis that affects the knees, the Osteo Relief Institute can perform detailed examinations that will determine the severity of the inflammation, the flexibility of each knee, the condition of the cartilage and complications that are associated with osteoarthritis. By studying each individual’s kinematics, the organization may also thoroughly evaluate the stability of the legs and analyze modified movements that could worsen the symptoms of the condition.


Choosing Treatments and Examining the Organization’s Services


If you would like to learn more information about the Osteo Relief Institute, you may evaluate a list of treatments that the experts offer, factors that could cause severe soreness, the effects of cold temperatures and testimonials that satisfied customers have provided. When you are ready to schedule an appointment, you can complete the easy-to-use form that the organization created.



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