OneLogin Sets the Bar for Single Sign-On Services



If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 30 years, chances are that you’ve signed in to a website or application. You input your credentials, usually a username and password, and then it gives you access to the application or website. From social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to your bank account and online colleges.

Sign-in forms are one of the most common sights online. However, sign-in forms are also one of the most common targets for security breaches. Whether it’s a stolen set of credentials, a co-worker leaving themselves signed in, or just bad code on the developer’s part, sign-in forms provide one of the easiest points of entry for cybercriminals.


This problem is especially prevalent in the business world. With increasing reliance on cloud applications, companies now have to manage more credentials than ever, split up between more applications, services, APIs and internal accounts than ever. With this many security holes, your average cloud-reliant company starts to look like a delicious hunk of swiss cheese to cybercriminals.

Phishing scams are rampant throughout the business world and are the leading cause of data breaches. All it takes is one set of credentials getting into the wrong hands, and it can spell disaster. However, Single Sign-On Services hope to alleviate this problem by reducing the number of credentials that need to be tracked to one set per user, while also restricting the access of those credentials to only what that user requires.



How Does Single Sign-On Help?

Single Sign-On (SSO) services work by securing the account credentials for multiple applications behind a single interface. Instead of requiring separate credentials to access each application or service, a user only has to input one set of credentials to access all of their applications. This can vastly reduce the number of exploitable openings in a company’s security.


SSO services are exceptionally well-suited to business environments where it’s necessary to share session information across more than one domain. Without SSO, it would be a security nightmare, but SSO makes it simple and easy, no longer forcing you to restrict cookies and other data to the domain that originally made the request.


OneLogin HQ

OneLogin Provides Industry-Leading SSO Services

OneLogin is by far the most widely supported Single Sign-On system in the world and has become an industry standard for almost every modern industry that relies on cloud infrastructure. They pride themselves on being incredibly easy to install on a large scale, and even easier to use. Their SSO portal only requires a single set of credentials per user, which will allow them to access any application that they’ve been given access to, whether it’s a local or cloud application.

They can sign into the portal from just about any device, from smartphones to desktops and everything in-between. OneLogin claims to be one of the most versatile and easy-to-use SSO services out there, and their position as industry leader proves that claim.



Personal Apps

OneLogin’s ease-of-use doesn’t simply cover company applications. Their convenient portal allows individual users to add their own personal applications and then access them from any device. The difference between enterprise applications and personal apps has been a challenge for enterprise SSO services since they first entered the market, and OneLogin’s complete support for them has given them a reputation for extreme convenience and versatility, saving their users immense amounts of time, and quite a few headaches.



Cutting Edge Security

While the ability to log into multiple applications with a single set of credentials is endlessly convenient, it also presents a security concern, in that a single set of lost credentials could mean that a cybercriminal would gain access to the entire network. However, this simply isn’t the case. Even if a cyber criminal obtains someone’s username and password, the service utilizes multi-factor authentication that vastly increases security, and stops them in their tracks. Moreover, individual users only have as much access as they’re given. Meaning that minimizing potential damage is easy. Companies are able to further configure password and authentication requirements to fit their own needs and protect themselves as well as their employees effectively.



Is OneLogin the Right Choice?

As a user, OneLogin’s SSO service will likely seem deceptively simple. It’s incredibly intuitive, easy to use, and the user interface is naturally simplistic. However, don’t mistake ease-of-use for simplicity. Just under OneLogin’s unassuming surface is a powerful all-in-one login solution. Utilizing cutting-edge security technology and a powerful back-end framework that allows for seamless integration with thousands of applications in both enterprise and personal spaces, OneLogin isn’t just raising the bar, they also set it in the first place.

As one of the first major SSO services to gain mass-adoption, they’ve gained the widespread support necessary to develop one of the most streamlined and cutting-edge SSO solutions on the market. If you’re just a guy trying to find a password manager, OneLogin may not be the best solution, or the most affordable. But for companies that are after the absolute best? Well, there’s a reason OneLogin is an industry leader.


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