OneLogin Breaks Down The Similarities Between Modern Cyber Security And Protecting The Wall In Game Of Thrones


Game of Thrones can teach us a lot about cyber security. The end of season seven has similarities between the Night Watch and cyber security teams. As the heroes tried to ensure the safety of the Seven Kingdoms, cyber security teams fight to keep corporate data safe from cyber-attacks. There is a lesson learned from the missing Night Watchmen being brought back to Castle Black, and Jon Snow setting the wight on fire. Just because an employee has left a company does not mean their account is not a threat to security. Zombie accounts can be used to access data and apps. The solution is achieved with an Identity as a Service solution.

The Night’s Watch

The leaders of The Wall are vital to the Seven Kingdoms, just as leadership in a business must defend against security threats, or take a great risk. Just because a threat is not visible, does not mean it does not exist. Only 25 percent of board member view cyber security as a priority. It’s sort of like the White Walkers, they’re a constant threat, and something that the realm needs to deal with, but they don’t necessarily accept that responsibility until it’s too late.  You do not want to follow that example with your company’s accounts. Not at all.

Games of Thrones consistently reminds the audience the Night Watch is not well equipped. There are not enough men, or supplies. Jon Snow realizes defense is the key to protecting The Wall. The same principles apply to cyber strategy.


The security team for every business must work with a limited supply of resources, and time. This means full responsibility must be taken by every part of the business, and every employee. Employees need to receive training regarding password practices, keep their passwords secure, and use different passwords for multiple accounts. They must be able to identify phishing email, and malware threats. More malware is delivered through phishing emails than any other source. A company’s cyber security team can’t protect the business without help any more than the Night Watch can protect the wall all alone.

The Game of Thrones has nearly ended, and the plight of the Seven Kingdoms is also ending. The lesson is cyber security is critical for a business. OneLogin are experts in the field of security and they can help ensure the safety of a business with a little help from the employees.

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