NYPD Detective under Investigation for Rape


The Bronx district attorney’s office said that it had indicted a New York police officer for patronizing a 15-year-old girl. The officer is said to have patronized the girl and also recording her in the process. The office yesterday said that the name of the officer is Raul Olmeda. Authorities further said that the officer had been arrested by the Internal Affairs of the New Police Department. Therefore, he was on unpaid leave and had been stripped his badge and gun. He was arrested yesterday at 6:30 am before he reported for duty. The department further said that the officer is 40 years old. The officer now has 15 counts of sexually motivated felony. Other than these felonies, the district attorney said that he had opened five accounts of third-degree rape on the suspect. When the victim was arraigned before Supreme Court Judge Steven Barret, the officer entered a plea of not guilty. However, he was granted a $250,000 bail and faces 15 years and above in prison if found guilty. The officer is being represented by Stuart London who is a criminal defense lawyer. He had earlier said that his client was optimistic that he would acquire bail. He further emphasized that his client denies the allegations.

This investigation comes at a time when the Brooklyn district attorney’s office is investigating two police officers from NYPD who have been accused of raping a woman who was under their custody. This incident is said to have happened last month, and the victim is said to have been 18 years old at the time. As for officer Olmeda, he was a plainclothes police officer who was supposed to patrol the 42nd Precinct, Bronx. The officer has been with the New York police department since 2014. What remains unclear is the way that he met the teenager. For consent to be legal in the state of New York, you should be 17 years. Assistant district attorney Meagan Powers noted that the girl had not reached the consent age. She also said that the girl had met the officer for more than five times from January to April. According to investigators, the two met in the apartment of the officer where she was paid and videotaped. According to the investigators, the girl was paid for oral sex and intercourse. The district attorney said that by videotaping the young girl, the officer dehumanized and demeaned the vulnerable young woman.


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