North Korea, Donald Trump, And More


The United States FERC, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, rejected Senator Rick Perry’s proposal that, in rough terms, would have provided strong support for coal and nuclear-energized power plants in flailing energy markets around the nation. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission includes five individual members, almost all of which were appointed by President Donald Trump.

Despite Rick Perry’s supposed positive intentions, experts collectively believed the proposal would have made energy more expensive for consumers. Further, even though energy companies are already plenty big enough, select energy manufacturers such as Murray Energy and FirstEnergy, both of which rely largely on nuclear and local to power their manufacturing plants.

One of the central benefits Senator and Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s plan was slated to provide to such manufacturers was the ability for select power plants to keep 90 days’ worth of fuel on location, something renewable energy nor natural gas manufacturers are able to do.

Immigrants Aren’t Very Welcome Here In The United States Of America

President Donald Trump, dating all the way back to the first days of his presidential bid in January, 2017, hasn’t been keen on keeping immigrants from countries around the world within the confines of the great United States of America, even if they’ve been here in America for longer than a decade.

Over the past year or so, arrangements for immigrants from Nicaragua and Haiti living in the United States in the name of exile were smashed into smithereens. The same is slated to happen to about 200,000 people from Salvador in coming weeks.

Donald Trump wants to get rid of the Salvadorans’ TPS – short form for Temporary Protected Status – which makes sure individuals and families are treated just like anybody else while they’re here in the United States of America. Trump has shared that the 200,000 Salvadorans – meaning they’re from El Salvador, a country in the heart of Central America – now have until sometime in September, 2019, to leave our great nation.

About 192,000 children have been born to Salvadoran parents since 2001, all 192,0000 of which have been born in the United States of America to parents that are currently slated to being required to leave the country in the next 18-odd months.

North Korea Might Be In Trouble

American soldiers have recently started to undergo training to fight in tunnels. This is noteworthy because the border between North and South Korea has several formerly-secret tunnels.


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