Nokia 3310 specifications and final release date in India


As we all know that Nokia is a brand from Finland which was founded in 1865 and for now it has become the most trusted brand especially for India. Nokia has contributed a lot to the world of mobile phones. One of the major quality of Nokia devices was that Nokia has rock solid build quality. And when we think about the best build quality phone from Nokia than Nokia 3310 strikes first in our mind, which is one of the best rock solid mobile phone by NOKIA. We have also known about the disappearing of Nokia from the market for some time which made Nokia mobile lovers disappointed and for that disappointment, Nokia is going to launch its new mobile phone from the 20th century which will be the NOKIA 3310 with a new updated version with new looks and design.

There is also a news comes from NOKIA that they will go to launch this new mobile phones in the month of June may be in the middle of June. And when we think about the specifications so this handset will come with a 2.4-inch display which will be a QVGA display and also this handset will be having a camera too which will be of 2 megapixels and this handset will be supporting a Micro SD card also.

Nokia has taken a big step to launch its redesigned old phone in front of latest smartphones. Nokia has taken care of all kind of feature in this device even for the gamers who loved the snake game in the old Nokia 3310, Nokia has offered an updated version for that game also so that the users will not feel any missing feature from the old Nokia 3310. This upcoming device will make again the birth of Nokia 3310 and also this will be a big launch for Nokia in India.


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