No Power For Puerto Rico Once Again


Puerto Rico can’t seem to catch a break. Almost the entire island is without power once again after much of the island was restored after Category 5 hurricanes ravished the area in 2017. Residents still living on the island experienced a blackout about six days ago as well. Power was restored, but it went out again Wednesday morning, not even a week later. Over 800,000 people are in the dark on the island. Government leaders are working with power companies to determine why the power has gone out and what can be done to get it connected as soon as possible.

A tree falling on power lines is said to be responsible for the first power outage, but there has been no clear reason given as to why the latest outage occurred. PREPA, a company that Puerto Rico has been working with, had been discussing how fortunate it was to have less than 3 percent of the island without electricity, a significant improvement from when Hurricane Maria swept over the island. Officials with the White House have talked about residents having more power now than they had before the hurricane, which would mean that much of the island has been in a poverty state for some time.

Almost all of the people who had power restored lost it again. Although trees have been blamed for falling on the power lines, PREPA has made statements about the latest outage being caused by issues with the main lines that run to the power plant. Lines are being inspected to determine exactly where the issue is so that it can be repaired. However, officials have warned residents that it could be 36 hours or more before power is restored. PREPA and other companies vow to continue working to restore as much power as they can to the island so that residents are not in the dark after this incident.


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