Niantic Preps New Update, Eases Up on Solo Quest Concept.


It is almost hard to envy Niantic at this point in their development cycle on the hit mobile augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go has been one of the most consistently popular mobile games in the world since it launched just two summers ago and through thick and thin the title continues to march forward. Still, that doesn’t mean that things are always easy or that fans won’t have consistently high expectations every time a new update is announced. Niantic recently announced another big update going into effect while simultaneously rolling back excitement and expectations for another update that fans have had their fingers crossed regarding for a while now. Let’s look at what is to come with Pokemon Go and what might not make the cut after all.

The newest Pokemon Go update to go live will be on that is not exactly cherished by every fan that is playing the game. The newest update sets into stone Niantic’s earlier decision to move away from older models of Apple products. Now, with Niantic’s new update, Pokemon Go will no longer run on phones unless they are operating with iOS 11 — or on Android. Niantic said of the update, “We will end support for Apple devices not capable of upgrading to iOS 11, such as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c models.” This announcement was set into coding after it was announced back in January. The goal here, according to Niantic, is to allow their newer updates to take advantage of the better operating system without having to worry about these older models.

Now, what update is getting nixed from the Pokemon Go schedule? Well, for the past several month’s fans had been hoping to see the release of a single-player quest-styled system for trainers to take advantage of. Niantic had teased the concept pretty heavily for awhile but now it looks like the team is completely backing away from the idea. Fans had been hyped up to be able to set out on quests that incorporate new characters, special win-conditions, and reward systems in order to inspire more solo play that has nothing to do with battling gyms.

With the single-player quest system sidelined, fans will have to content themselves with the monthly Community Day events to inspire more action. Niantic will be looking to incorporate quite a few new updates this Summer so fans will simply have to stay tuned until then.


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