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Founded in 2004, Neurocore expeditiously became an authority in applied neuroscience. Groundbreaking uses of brain mapping and neurofeedback techniques has helped driven the success of the company. But sailing uncharted waters takes the dedication and commitment of thousands of some of the most caring licensed clinical specialist in the industry. Neurocore realizes that their employees are the backbone of their efforts to help children and adults improve stress management, sleep, and concentration. By offering world-class benefits and creating a rewarding environment with room for advancement, Neurocore is attracting some of the best in the business.

Going to the Source: A Word from Current Neurocore Employees

Neurocore employees in Michigan and Florida are discovering the rewards that come with helping clients utilize their brains to the full potential. Whether helping children overcome ADHD or training the brains of professional athletes, our employees get to see first-hand the impact that neurofeedback is having on our clients lives. Here is what some of those employees are saying about the enriching experience of working for Neurocore.

A Neurocore employee for roughly 1 year, Josie Rhoads started as a clinical specialist and now works as the center team leader for the Palm Beach Gardens Brain Performance Center. Rhoads recently commented on her job and said, “One of my favorite things is helping our clients gain more insight about themselves from the brain maps. Then being a part of their journey, hearing about their successes, and ultimately seeing progress in their brain map! It is so validating for our clients.” Thanks for the hard work Josie, your company and clients appreciate it greatly.

Current client advocate, Samantha Ellis, appreciates the unique challenges of each client. Speaking about her position, Ellis said, “The most interesting thing I’ve learned while on the job has to be how the brain really works; how every single person has a different make-up and I love learning how we can improve their lives. I come from a background in exercise Science, so I’ve really enjoyed taking charge of health and performance from all angles.”

Eva Kool is now an insurance specialist at Neurocore’s corporate headquarters. She works diligently to help clients obtain access to Neurocore’s treatment. “By far, the most rewarding experiences I’ve had while at Neurocore have been helping to obtain authorizations and pre-certifications for treatment and putting these in place – allowing more individuals to experience our program. In the insurance department, we have also been working diligently with insurance companies to encourage them to cover neurofeedback and consider non-prescription alternatives, which would make Neurocore even more accessible to potential clients.”

Benefits of Working for Neurocore

Many of the perks of employment with Neurocore are not necessarily tangible. Neurocore employees frequently report that their favorite part of the job is the relationships they create with patients and co-workers. But the palpable benefits of working for Neurocore are also abundant. Neurocore offers its employees comprehensive Health, Dental and Vision plans. Further, Neurocore is looking out for the long-term financial wellness of it’s employees through its 401(k) matching programs. With various opportunities of advancement and paid time-off, Neurocore is investing in the future of it’s employees by giving their team room to grow personally and professionally.

Free Neurocore Services

Perhaps the most unique benefit offered to Neurocore employees is free access to the neurofeedback treatment. Neurocore knows that it’s employees are experts in administering the reward-based training system. But such expertise does not insulate our work force from mental health issues. Take Katy Sandison for instance. Katy plays an integral part of Neurocore’s corporate efforts and also suffers from insomnia and delayed sleep phase. Wanting to further her understanding of the patient experience with Neurocore, Katy underwent free neurofeedback treatment at a Neurocore Brain Performance Center. This treatment helped Katy decrease associated stress and anxiety that tended to make her symptoms worse. Also, she was able to decrease her sleep medication. Way to go Katy! Friends and family of Neurocore employees also enjoy treatment discounts.

Current Job Opportunities

If what you have read has piqued your interest in working for Neurocore, then you are in luck as there are currently open job opportunities posted on the Neurocore website. In particular, the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers in Michigan are looking to fill several positions with people who have a heart for service and are willing to join the Neurocore team in bringing about a new understanding of what our brains can do. Neurocore’s Michigan facilities deliver testing and treatment for ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, headaches, stress, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Client Advocate

One of the positions open in at the Brain Performance Center in Grand Rapids is Client Advocate. These advocates work as part of a team and under the direction of Clinical Specialists to help patients interact with Neurocore’s ground breaking technology. These passionate and talented people have a daily, positive impact on patient’s lives. So, if you have a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Social Work, Psychology, Exercise Science, or other related field and are comfortable interacting with people, apply today!

Clinical Specialist

There are four Michigan Neurocore Brain Performance Centers that are currently hiring for clinical specialist including the Grand Rapids, Livonia, Sterling Heights, and Bloomfield locations. Neurocore’s clinical specialist are the experts on the science behind behavior and provide meaningful diagnostic data to clients. As a part of their duties, clinical specialist work with clients to maximize their Neurocore experience by monitoring client progress, providing relevant education that meets their needs, and reviewing program outcomes.

Executive Outlook

Stay tuned for what comes next for Neurocore as expansion of locations and services seem to be where the company is headed. Neurocore CEO Mark Murrison commented, that recent technological advances have led to a greater understanding of how the brain functions. More so than any other time in the history of mankind. These advances are sure to bring more job opportunities to the Neurocore team. Murrison said, “People are starting to realize and recognize you can’t just treat somebody from the neck down. The brain controls the whole body. You’re seeing the awareness and the recognition that the brain and the body are connected.”  If you are interested in becoming a part of this revolution of the mind, check out the careers at Neurocore here.

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