NetPicks Trading Strategies Teach Forex Traders How to Develop Common Sense About Trading


At NetPicks Trading Strategies, currency trading is a broad term encompassing a wide array of investing platforms revolving around forex (FX) trades. The word forex is an abbreviation for the foreign exchange. People who make forex trades trade in foreign currencies instead of stock shares. Forex traders trade in currency pairs. For instance, a trader may trade the British pound/US dollar (GBP/USD). The value of the trade represents how much money the first part of the currency pair is worth in comparison with the second part of the currency pair.

The Forex Market is a Major Global Force

On first appearance, it may seem as though more people are familiar with the stock market and equities. However, the forex market is larger than Wall Street and other stock exchanges. In fact, the forex market boasts a value of more than $4 trillion. Forex traders do not abide by opening and closing bells. Forex trading occurs 24 hours a day starting at 5 p.m. EST on Sunday and ending at 4 p.m. EST on Friday. The forex market enables entrepreneurs, governments and private investors opportunities to make trades by exchanging currencies. Traders frequently speculate about whether the FX market is moving up or down.

Factors Moving the Forex Market

The forex market moves according to the whims of buyers and sellers. Currency prices change based on diverse opinions regarding their basic worth. Speculation is a strong aspect of forex trading. A speculative buyer believes that a particular forex pair is not valued at a fair price. On the other hand, a speculative seller believes that the price is too high. Announcements made by government officials, chief operating officers and news correspondents can sway opinions in drastic ways. An entrepreneur may want to use the FX market without any clear vision about the future. Nonetheless, forex markets often move simply because specific entrepreneurs choose to participate and voice their valued opinions.

Helpful Guidelines in Determining Which Currency Pairs to Trade

Choosing currency pairs relies mainly on each trader’s personal preference. Economic data releases and news trading reports often cause volatility within the forex market. Consequently, many traders prefer trading the top recognized currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY. These major pairs are extremely liquid and offer more stability within uncertain markets. Other traders without concerns about whether currencies are subject to dramatic rises and falls enjoy trading more exotic currency pairs. However, traders need to have specific established strategies in place prior to trading currency pairs. Typical strategies include taking advantage of entries, exits, risk management techniques and time frames.

Fundamental Analysis Versus Technical Analysis

According to NetPicks, forex traders need to learn about fundamental and technical analytical strategies before making trades. Fundamental analysis involves trying to ascertain the underlying motives influencing economic conditions. Understanding the basic fundamentals that cause currencies to rise or fall is a critical aspect of forex trading. In the stock market, analysts analyze companies to determine their intrinsic values. In forex trading, traders analyze governments, countries, currencies, currency values, news reports, political upheavals and public announcements. The information gleaned through fundamental analysis helps forex traders decide whether currencies are going to fluctuate or remain stable.

Technical analysis attempts to anticipate future currency prices based on known historical prices. Forex traders trade in 24-hour markets. Consequently, they have access to virtually unlimited data to help them determine future currency prices. Traders gather all the information and transform the analysis into statistics. In addition to basic statistical information, forex traders have options to use charts, indicators, tools, sophisticated computer systems, software platforms and NetPicks tutorials to gain increased knowledge about various statistics. Forex traders also become adept at learning where to draw trend lines on currency pairs to identify trends. A trend line connects several price points and gives a trader more insight regarding support or resistance. Of course, psychological factors always play a crucial role in both fundamental and technical analytical tactics.

Risk Management is a Significant Aspect of Forex Trading

At NetPicks, it is commonly understood that every forex trader, whether a beginner or an expert, needs to have a sound strategy for managing risk. The most important philosophy behind every successful trade, whether in the forex market or the stock market, involves preserving the initial investment amount along with all the established money in an account. In forex trading, a common practice involves making trades while risking only 2 percent or less of the entire account. When the trader risks a small percentage, losses do not become nearly as detrimental to the person’s monetary assets. Furthermore, a proper risk management strategy permits the trader to have a correct frame of mind when trading risky currency pairs.

Traders need to have Common Sense

New forex traders are advised to study the intricate rules and philosophical forces of the FX market before making actual trades. People can find numerous trading tips at NetPicks to learn basic techniques and strategies. After gaining a clear understanding about how to make trades, a new trader needs to start trading with small amounts of money and risk no more than 1 percent of the account. Traders can learn how to make small, steady incomes without incurring high risks. Another helpful rule is to avoid using an excessive number of indicators. In addition, the ideal forex trader is a person who enjoys learning about political situations and currency values.

A Few Words about NetPicks Trading Strategies Company

Established in 1996 when online trading was beginning to attract traders, the founders of NetPicks were interested in establishing their company as a gold standard for instructing traders via tips and tutorials. The tradition continues today. In addition to tips about forex trading, NetPicks also offers guidance for people who are interested in trading futures, stocks, options and other types of investments. The company offers information about day trading and swing trading. Plus, the company offers videos to make trading even easier.

With its headquarters located in Irving, Texas, President and Founder Mark Soberman and his knowledgeable staff offer expert guidance for new traders. The staff at NetPicks consists of dedicated traders who love teaching people about how to attain successful trading ventures. Whether a trader wants to trade as a way to realize extra income or as a full-time job, the NetPicks staff provides helpful information that is easy to learn in a short amount of time. In other words, NetPicks is the place to go for finding guidance about how to become a successful trader.




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