Naam Shabana : No Match To Baby


Taapsee Pannu-starrer ‘Naam Shabana’, which hit theatres on Friday (March 31), collected approximately Rs 4.75 crore (nett) on its opening day, according to a report on producers say that it raked in Rs.5.12 crore on its first day compared to its predecessor Baby that collected Rs.9.3 crore.

The spin-off to the 2015 critically acclaimed thriller Baby turns out to be a disappointment for the fans. Shivam Nair pulls off a decent job of directing but fails to cover up the loopholes in the script which play a spoilsport.

What’s quite surprising is that this film has been written by the same man (Neeraj Pandey) who had brilliantly penned Baby that stood out back then for its gripping narrative and tensed moments!


Taapsee Pannu playing the main character gets to break the bones and indulge in some serious butt-kicking. She aces the action scenes like a pro and carries the film on her slender shoulders. In a scene or two, the actress even gets to display her emotional side and excels in those moments.

She has received appreciation from all quarters for her powerful performance as a spy. The actress had to train in mixed martial arts, Kudo and Krav Maga in order to pull off the role convincingly.

 Manoj Bajpayee delivers what’s written for him but his performance was not as impressive as his previous works. Akshay Kumar’s extended cameo completely falls flat as it looks forced.. The makers seem to have made a mockery of his Baby character Ajay Rajput here!

Prithviraj Sukumaran portrays main villain with his sharp suits and studded ear is passable and suffers from ridiculously written part. Many other characters from Baby too show up in the film but they do more damage as you are constantly reminded how Naam Shabana fails to match up the brilliance of the 2015 thriller in terms of storytelling and layering.

Technical Aspects

Poor writing, lack of detailing and lacklustre dialogues are the main culprits here. The first half of the film is a drag. Post interval, the action begins but soon fizzles out as you predict the climax from miles away.


The songs are lower on the remembrance scale and score low on music. You won’t even remember them as the movie ends.

In conclusion, people would rather rewatch the 2015 thriller instead of watching this film try to reach it’s level.

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