Men Receive Free Cancer Screenings Thanks to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LabCorp and NFLAA


Almost 14 percent of American men eventually suffer from prostate cancer. It remains more prevalent than any other form of the disease. Screenings help people survive this illness and reduce its harmful effects. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is cooperating with LabCorp and the National Football League Alumni Association to publicize important information and supply free screenings.

Screening Program

The campaign aims to provide free LabCorp testing services to 2,000 people during September and October. Participants need to register by October 15, but they can schedule the appointments up to 180 days later. The program also offers reduced-price screenings to additional men who qualify. Testing costs only $25 after the discount.

Boosting Awareness

Doctors will probably diagnose about 161,000 U.S. patients with prostate cancer during 2017, according to an estimate from the American Cancer Society. Physicians encourage men to undergo screenings after reaching 40 years of age if they are African-American or their relatives have had prostate cancer.

The campaign is using public service messages to educate Americans about this illness and the screenings. Broadcasters throughout the nation have aired these announcements during September. They feature former football coaches Dick Vermeil, Bill Cowher and Herm Edwards.

Organizers’ Comments

When he spoke about the campaign, Edwards noted that a number of his friends and acquaintances had suffered from prostate cancer. The famous coach mentioned former Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt, a man who died because of the disease. Edwards hopes that the program will encourage more men to undergo screening.

Sean Cavanaugh serves as the radiation oncology chief at a CTCA facility. He commented on the need for early prostate cancer screenings and highlighted recent improvements in testing methods. Cavanaugh also explained that unusually high numbers don’t always confirm the presence of cancer. A doctor must perform further tests.

LabCorp CEO Gary Huff praised the prostate cancer awareness and screening campaign. He predicted that it would benefit the health of numerous men throughout the United States. The program will also give people the ability to make better decisions about treating this disease, according to the company leader.

Awareness Events

Organizers launched the campaign by holding a press conference on August 30. It took place near Philadelphia in New Jersey’s Burlington County; NFL Films hosted the meeting. Beasley Reece, Jon Runyan, Herm Edwards and Mike Quick delivered speeches about prostate cancer to the audience.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America also scheduled events in four major cities. Over 200 staff members were able to attend a City Hall event in Atlanta. Veteran football competitor D.J. Shockley planned to participate. A gathering at the CTCA facility in Phoenix attracted former players Nick Lowery and Simeon Rice.

Cancer patients, volunteers, local officials and sports coaches could attend an event at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America facility in Tulsa. Veteran football players Steve Largent and Ed Jones were invited. Former NFL competitor Dan Hampton took part in a community event in Chicago.

Getting Tested

If they qualify to save money on screenings under this program, men can request appointments on the Prostate Pep Talk website. Participants may undergo tests at LabCorp locations throughout the nation. The company provides this service in more than 1,700 medical facilities.

When a patient’s test yields results that don’t fit within the normal range, this person may have prostate cancer or face a higher risk of developing it. A doctor can evaluate such information and recommend the most appropriate solutions for each individual.

LabCorp Facts

This company provides a variety of medical laboratory services. It helps doctors promptly and efficiently diagnose illnesses. The firm employs over 50,000 people in 60 nations. During 2014, LabCorp acquired a New Jersey company known as Covance. This subsidiary develops and tests medications.

NFLAA Profile

Former football league employees, coaches, players and cheerleaders can join the NFL Alumni Association. This organization also welcomes their spouses. It provides members with various types of assistance that promote personal well-being. Additionally, the association strives to help children through a program called Caring For Kids.

About CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America doctors perform a range of diagnostic, surgical and radiation services. The company maintains headquarters in southeastern Florida. It operates hospitals in Tulsa, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago and Phoenix. These facilities have earned some of the highest patient ratings for cancer treatment. Experienced physicians and the latest technology help to make this possible.


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